This update is bad as it is, why make it worse?

Let’s forget about the (nerfed to ground) Brel raid for a second and look at the update we got.

  • They did not fix anything
  • New event does not include new mats (but 10 scamcoins a week Poggers)
  • Added bracelets, which is just more RNG to get gatekept by
  • New guardian is cool, but absolutely sucks as a daily
  • Summoner is cool, too bad she is hardstuck T2/low T3 if you also made a Reaper

These are all things that we expected and we knew it’s gonna suck, but who the F thought this was a good idea?
And who asked to rename surge to “Surge Zero”?? That’s just annoying, so please take your zero sugar surge somewhere else and take this BS 20 item limit with you.
Thank you.


Due to work I had only like 3-4 hours yesterday and my static progged till g4 Grey cube ~80 bar. We had a blast. Dunno what ur talking about “nerfed to the ground” I saw some of the “nerfs” which imo is only do make brel more pluggable. U simply can’t fail I. E. G3 end mech if ur in voice and have hands. So what big nerf are u talking about? Did u even went to challenge the raid?


oh surge is surge zero?
I was like wtf is that lol

For some reason people want the original content that KR had on release to justify that this game is more hardcore than it actually is

These “nerfs” made the content not necessarily easier but more consistent to complete, especially in a PUG like you said

There’s still the challenge of co-ordination and mechanics, especially with 7 other random people and no voice communication

But now everyone can take a stab at it, including those filthy casuals, and that fact rustles the jimmies of some people


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