This version of the game is for a 5 year+ old KR version

Why trivialize T1 and T2? There’s still a lot of new players. Most of the Guardians are loot piñatas now with the mokoko buff.
The new player experience is objectively worse than it was. I actually had fun doing T1 guardians on T1 chars too and now that’s all dust. The wall new players will hit at 1370 will be steeper, higher, and more jarring than ever before.

How is repeating 3 T3 Guardians and a few of the same chaos dungeons and Argos going to be good for new players compared to all that gradual progression that T1 and T2 provided…now reduced to essentially an extremely inconvenient paywall with all the challenge and that crucial gradual progression and learning removed from it?

Why exactly was this done?
How are new players just hitting 1370 going to come up with all the gold required for honing to 1415 without quitting from frustration?
It seems to me this kind of change only benefits already existing players who are simply looking to expand their roster quickly.

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Nobody likes t1 t2 game starts at T3 sorry LUL


nobody? apparently this guy and many do
game slows down tremendously at t3

many? hahaha like 5 of you probably

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Is there something particular about gold generation in T1 and T2 that would somehow make that 1415 push any easier?

T1 and T2 were already a ghost town, before the express. My last T2 character took so long to even get her GR’s done I eventually just stopped doing them, bought out T2 mats from selling the mats my T3 characters were generating and then just tapped my way out of that hell hole.

This is another instance of damned if you do, damned if you dont.
The previous tiers did nothing to really teach any of the mechanics that you will encounter in end game, evidenced by the lack of counters even in T3 GR’s.

Or did I miss the thing where we all learned argos pizza by watching Urnil roll around for 10 minutes

Get lost, global honing buff is the best thing that ever happen, just got a bard from lvl 1 (memory tranfered) t1 to t3 in couple of days and gonna push her to end game now that I dont have to suffer the t1 t2 Hell on a bard. Your wrong completely.

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Well there’s reason why they sell power passes now.
Statistics from their end must have shown that more ppl are likely to leave before they hit legion raids which is 1415. So AGS is trying to get the newbies to near 1415 quicker so that they stick to the game more and eventually spending more money.

Kinda agree with this guy on the game progression speed, compared to what we felt as a major slow down, the new players are gonna feel it much more with the benefits and buffs they got till 1370.

It’s not about gold generation, it’s about being gradually introduced to more difficult content and challenges which eases a new player into endgame which is now gutted and nonexistent.
It has been proven over and over again that taking green players and throwing raid mechanics at them never ends well. I was more talking along the lines of imagining yourself as a new player suddenly introduced to 300+g a pop enchants.
I’m quite sure I and many others would have quit this game if it was like that @ launch. Instead we were making steady progress through the first two tiers which had a great pace for starting players. Again, if you’re an already existing player this is gonna feel terrible having to redo all that, but as a new player it’s extremely important stuff if you ask me.
I’d also note that bosses such as Tytalos, Chro, Alber, Levanos do have small notable mechanics and are great to introduce players into bigger and bigger things, now gone and made into free loot because of the extremely headscratchingly powerful Mokokobuff.

nobody cares
t1 t2


i enjoyed t1 & t2 content a lot after the game came out and im glad i got to experience it before the nerfs and now apparently again big nerfs.
If everything in t1 t2 was braindead easy to kill then i wouldnt have stuck around.

Another issue is that those new players are so fast in t3 now, there is no way im gonna take a roster lvl 50 mokoko into my valtan runs when i have to run the raid 6 times a week + others raids+ weeklies+ dailies.
In fact i dont take anyone below 130-40 roster into my raids because i just cant afford wasting hours for 1-2 people to learn mechanics.

I dont want to imagine how bad the new player experience must be