This was the event?

5 days - short quests = end of the january content ?

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Yep, pretty disappointing isnt it


events are not content , they are flavour on top of daily/weekly s**t.


not like its been said over and over since the roadmap was published that theres nothing for 3 months.


we getting now the Russia/Japan treatment… every 4 months one big update

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Cant wait for when we get the korean treatment, new content every 6 month.
It’s almost as if we are catching up with content, right?


Does this witcher event have daily quests for potions? They are pretty neat

im glad its not that much , cause i had not alot of time last week, so i can start this week with it.

i dont get people…
event hast too much content → people complain, that its too much
event has only 5 days of content-> people complain its not enough…

guys… do you ever think sometimes ?
lots of people wishes that lost ark is more casual friendly, then they do something more casual… its not enough…

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it dont have to be same ppls tho :stuck_out_tongue:

one event dosent make it more casual friendly tbh :wink:
assuming it not boost you to endgame levels with all things required to acutally join any lobby :wink:

Honing artist would’ve been something at least, if it had been released earlier.

Ppl complain about everything

You have an event where people have to do it, people will complain it’s extra content on top of everything else

you got a full cutscenes with the actual original voice acting
it felt like a chapter from the original game
but I guess that people forgot its a game and if it has nothing to do with their “job” and numbers on the screen it doesnt matter

No way these were original voice actors

a whole island
with voice overs
free OP food
emote pack that is adorable
free card set

i guess you wanted 50 billion gold to go with it to be satisfied?


I feel cheated.

Is like if all this was the agreement betwen the IPs. To crash grab money from Withcer skins, split proffits and nothing else.

After first day of event i feel the every next day the interaction was shorter, and in the end things ended Like this. The side history went from 90% insteresting on first day, to 10% in two days, then we got a last day of … picture?

Do we have to headcannon that the witcher group spent all these days (dozens?) eating dancing and singing? moments we didnt watch besides the 5-10 minute daily fetch quests?

Come on, this could have been done better, so much potential not being used here. As i guessed, this was a Cash Grab Collab, nothing else.

For someone who owns all witcher games, this was a Huge Disappointment!

it’s a Event Collab
i swear the entitlement of some people on this forums

you guys will complain even if Amazon sent you an escort full service for a week and you’d complain that she had black hair instead of your prefered white blonde


Don’t come white knighting to me with this man, dont you dare!

Thsi was nothing elsethan a cameo disguised a collab, you should know what collab should be.

Don’t give me the “You like to hate on AGS” card to me, witcher has doine collab with many games, even figthing games, and you have a full fledge interaction in the collab.

I do not care about skins, items, gold i dont wanted given things, i have been talking about the History, who went from insteresting day 1, sadly was a cat, to justmove around on the next day and the next after.

If you believe i will fall into your trollery!

WHo do you think you are? are you entitle by AGS to judge any user who gives their opinion on this site?

Begone with the white Knighting BS, Put serious argument on the Topic at hand or GTFO!

nah im not white knighting
you guys are extremely unreasonable
thats all

there is absolutely no pleasing your type with the language you choose to use

AGS has nothing to do with the contents of the collab, they simply were kind enough to get this to our region at an incredible fast pace.

people can’t even fathom the amount of work that had to be done on this “small” event
Nothing is ever enough or good enough

like the girls when asked how much they want their husbands to make and they something outlandish like half a million per month while they look like a rotten potato that has no life skills

you can’t reason with them and anything you say against their “criticism” is you white knighting or sucking up to AGS

meanwhile AGS has little to no oversight on anything about this game
it’s all SG and instead of being happy that we got it instead of them saying “nah fuck it too much work” we sit here and bitch about that it wasn’t a 10million dollar project with 0 ability to profit from