This was the event?

This is what i say, that the contract should have been for Skin marketing, nothing else.

someone here expected a unique legion raid of the witcher
yes, a whole legion raid for a timed event, they are clueless

yeah lets just dedicate the resources of an entire expansion for a collab
i mean if CDPR wanted to invest for that why not
but i think it would have been a massive failure if they did even if everyone and their grandma enjoyed it

people are also clueless on how much things cost
they just think pixels are free

Are you really complaining that we got a storyline to go with the skins? Just because it didn’t meet your expectations?

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first of all its a thing that comes from the Witcher , they did it in the past 10 years in several games and its always like that .

i played every Witcher part and tbh, in other games that collabs looked pretty similar.
also its a marketing thing because of the bad reputation of the oncoming next Witcher- Netflix Season.

Its a marketing thing from Witcher not from Lost Ark , they just took the bite to make some extra money… so if you wanna blame someone does it at the Producers of that collab on the witcher side , not here at the lost ark forum

be smart man… witcher says hey we want a collab, smilegate says ok whats the deal… then they will come to an agreement… im sure soemone on witchers side was happy with , how that event comes out .

so pls cry on the side of someone whos in charge not here

who was the investor though?
cdpr or the showrunners?
cuz cdpr has nothing to do with the show

Troll bands together on forums… or multy account?

Either you guys are one or many, why every argument of any sort you label it as crying on forums?

Do you think i don’t know all about that? Still i have my rights to give my oipinion, if you read my first Opinion, i blame NO ONE, yet still had to give my opinion because i wanted more interaction.

But then being answered by sarcastic and stupid remarks makes no sense, this was never about AGS, and never abour CDPR, they did their job and was well done. (voice , character design, etc) Yet still is dissapointing.

And that is my opinion, many can share it, many wont.

If you peiople want to take this technically, sociually or financially betwen the companies, have it your way.

It has been noted.

i’m out

but you are a forum andy and your “opinion” is out of place, so we are here to put you in place

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