This whole Pheon fiasco

I didn’t get free pheons and lose them and go negative like the 5 percenters. In my opinion this whole situation just shows how useless and troublesome pheons are as a currency and as a feature in the game (do not say it combats bots because we all know that is the flimsiest reason to keep them). They should be removed in a future update. So many players would return if pheons were removed.


Not 5%. Remember that 50% of the player base are bots. Way more than 5% of players got affected.

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When I say 5 percent I mean the 5 percent that claimed 70 or more pheons and as result more than likely went to a irreparable state of negative pheons.

Right, so even if bots are only 50% of the playerbase, that would still mean that 10% of real players claimed 70 or more pheons, a much larger portion of players. Twice as large, even.