Those who are wondering Rapport Skip Method is safe or exploit can check this

Hello everyone,
I went to multiple random Korean Streamers’ channels on twitch and explained the exploit that was fixed at our version this week and asked “If the info about korean devs telling players it is safe to use rapport skip method is true or not? Is giving 15 legendary gifts to Nia-Nineveh something considered as bug or safe to use?”
I did this because many players were confused what have they fixed and they thought rapport skipping method is the exploit they fixed and some people were being aggressive because their favourite exploit got fixed.

When I asked in English on chat I was banned immediately from one streamer’s chat automatically because I wrote in English. On other chats they didn’t ban me but I got a lot of rude/racist comments from some people for being a foreigner so I tried to communicate with them using translator at some point.

Apologized to them for speaking in another language and said that “I didn’t want to be rude, I am sorry if I offended you all. It is not intentional. Using translation causes loss in meaning and it sounds different from what I am trying to say.”

I found some great people while asking questions which texted me via private message and tried to help me even if some of them didn’t know english and used translator.

Rapport Skip 1

This person texted me when I asked the info about korean devs are true on chat. He told it is true and it is not an exploit. Someone else tagged me on live chat to tell it is not a bug.

Rapport skip 3
Rapport skip 4
Rapport skip 5
I went to another channel and tried using translator to communicate with them. This person helped my by answering my questions. He thought I wanted to learn how to do the skip method but I told him I want to know if it is considered a bug or safe and he said it is famous in KR. Told me the thing I explained maybe a bug but giving gifts to jump stat checks are already used in KR

Rapport skip 7

This person said there was not any ban in Korea because of doing the Rapport Skip method. It is considered something convenient and acknowledged. Also the guides they are writing etc in Korea are posted in a community website(invenglobal) where developers refer to.

If I offended any of you guys I am sorry but this was something heavily abused by bots and that is why I reported it because buts are using it to farm gold which harms the economy and inflates the prices.
I tried to reach to Korean playerbase to get info about Rapport Skip being an exploit or something safe to use and everyone says it is not an exploit and safe to use. Those who don’t believe me can go and ask themselves.

EDIT: Also it looked like they learned about 6 song/6 emote exploit from me and didn’t know something like that existed. It might be something that didn’t exist in their client or no one noticed until now.

TL;DR: It is safe to use according to KR community and no bans happened even though this is something that existed for a long time and it is quite popular. If they thought it as an exploit they would have fixed it by now because fixing the exploit didn’t take more than a week after the report. But this doesn’t mean things can’t change. Amazon/Devs can come out tomorrow and say it is an exploit from now on.


Thanks for nothing.

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You aren’t welcome bro. I am always happy to not help :smiley:

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don’t think anyone considered the rapport skip as an exploit, you gain nothing from it. U even lose rapport in the long run due to not doing the rapport quests. Using 6 emotes/6 songs on the same npc and with the higher valued songs/emotes on the other hand is a real exploit.


Yeah. I was the one who reported that exploit and it only took a week for it to get fixed. Some people who exploited that are being agressive on forums now and blames people who used rapport skip method as exploiters too and some people thinks they fixed the rapport skip method.

When you do the skip method you lose XP from dialogues/quests from the stages you’ve skipped. Not doing the skip might save you 5-6 legendary gifts or a relic gift Also free gifts are limited or you have to wait for merchant respawns and it is also RNG for them to have legendary gifts which takes time to gather enough gifts. This is something convenient for players while also allows company to make more money by selling more gift boxes.

But song/emote exploit can be immediately using after creating an account and it is something widely used by bots. Before they can be detected and banned they were able to finish more NPC rapport levles to generate even more gold. Now their gold regen took a hit.

Bots causes great harm to economy. Because of bots the supply of Blue crystals is lower than it should be. Players who pay money buys gold directly from gold sellers instead of buying it with Royal Crystals. Looks like some players isn’t aware that Royal crystals are converted to blue crystals at a 238 to 95 ratio. P2W players recieves gold, F2P players recieves blue crystal and company recieves money. Blue Crystals we buy is actually Royal Crystals paying players have… Both F2P players and company takes a hit because of this meanwhile P2W players who buys gold are having a blast unless they get banned and bot makers fills their pockets.

People who are defending 6 song/6 emote system only sees the small gain they have and can’t see the big picture.


Yes man like bots wont find a way to gain gold without putting effort. You really saved the game by being a snitch and ruining something that saved a few minutes of our time GZ.

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“being a snitch” LOL

get out of here lmao xD

You are right. Let’s donate all of our gold to bot sellers now.

You are saving time from rapport meanwhile losing time on your progression by trying to generate more gold for upgrades/auction house purchases/blue crystal purchases. How about creating an idea that can fix bot problems instead of blaming me for being a snitch

Wait what… rapport skipping isnt gone…?

They fixed the rapport glitch which allowed you to do emotes/songs that the NPC did not have, so you could do your 6 daily songs and 6 daily emote with the same NPC for ~4.5k rapport per day.

Yes this is what they fixed.

This whole post is a troll why can t I have some fun as well?

Yes I agree with @GusK
Everyone shall has their share of fun.
You re doing fine bro. Don’t mind Grievuuz. Keep goin :slight_smile:

You’re delusional if you think you’re the one that created the downfall of this lmao… People have been doing it for weeks/months and many people reported it before you lol

My idea is to remove stupid systems from the game like pheons / rapport / collectibles giving skill points? The guy who created those concepts must have been smoking lots of weed.

But it is my post CMs commented. He said he told it to devs and thanked to me for detailed explanation.

They should make a statue for you next to north vern chaos dungeon so the berseker bots will start glitching.

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I agree with that. Game has too many useless stuff that only makes you spend more effort than necessary and sometimes those things kills the fun and becomes a chore…

Bet that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside that AGS noticed you.

It was front page on reddit weeks before you did anything, and it’s been reported on the Discord/directly to amazon multiple times by many other Karens before you.

You’re not special lmao. You didnt uncover some mastermind operation.

Great idea. I always wanted to have a statue of myself in this game. Next time I will suggest it at Game Feedback. Please support me with your votes :smiley:

This statue is made for the great tugayakpinar he saved AGS and the future of lost ark by reporting a useless bug that everybody knew about.