Thought on Legendary Class Engravings Book

An active 7 vykas hard alt and used to be 1560 KR server player here. I do enjoy the game, no RMT and grinds enough, but don’t wanna do unreasonable thing. To me legendary engraving book for class engraving has some problems.

This is mainly because of very limited drop rates. Valtan hard only drops 1 leg common book (no class eng at all), while Vykas hard drops 1 leg class engraving book randomly at final auction. It is 8 players raid, so it needs 160 weeks (8 * 20, ~= 3 years) that every vykas hard player character can read this. It will be actually faster than 160 weeks because you will get some small random drops here and there, but we do also have a huge class skew and engraving preference problem which will make some classes’ book even harder to find.

This is fine until kakul-saydon raid is released because you do not need legendary class engraving for vykas & valtan. But as you enter 1475 for next raid, 3 engravings * 5 is required to clear (unless you play with whales). There are only 2 ways to get 3 * 5, you hit the ability stone of 7x7 or above, (about 4.75%, which on average require you 180 pheons and > 20K golds) and buy all 3/5 acc including 2 class engraving acc (for some classes they are > 100k for each), or you hit some good ability stone like 6x7 and buy a few 4/3+5/3 combination acc while reading one class leg engravings and common leg engraving.

This actually means that we will see MORE price spike in leg class engraving books in future when kakul-saydon is released. (Because all >1475 players will need to buy them.)

KR server exactly had the same problem. There was an inflation in general in gold (expected, because whales do not have places to spend anymore) and leg class engraving was way too expensive. (Because it had the same drop rates) A lot of users had quit the game for this reason. Gold River decided to sell legendary engravings book via in-game merchant requiring gold, with weekly roster limit 6/6 (for low level users 3/3). This helped dropping the book price to the reasonable end as well as helping inflation. I think this decision can only be made when they have a general understanding on game, which I am skeptical if AGS can make such without us pointing out this.