Thoughts on April Update Post

I honestly do not see the point in this April update post… It really does not have any new information at all. It’s just a copy paste of the exact same stuff that has already been said. I mean correct me if I am wrong of course, but it really just seems like a waste of time for whoever wrote the post. I’m not sure what the goal was with the post either… Honestly would have just been a better use of time linking to other threads lol.

It just sucks for the people who are sitting here waiting - BEGGING - for some real word from you guys, and then all we get is a half baked reiteration of what has already been said. Maybe I’m just complaining too much, I dunno. And I know the people at AGS and Smilegate are working really hard, I do… But this update post just really feels like a kick in the ____ for those that having been waiting for real news.


It was pretty pointless … At this point just expect the worst and hope for the best …



but now they can say “we gave you an update and were transparent with our community”


Blah blah blah… need more feedback… blah blah blah…


I wish I could call anything in the post an update :confused:

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To amazon…action speaks louder … the update post should not be 1 full page tbh…xD

yeah its just a whole collection of previously posted stuff lmao

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It’s an April fools joke… and we’re the fools.

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:wastebasket: sadly

Yeah… I’m hoping it is, I would just think an April Fool’s joke would have a punchline somewhere… LOL

It comes off as a PSA for anyone who actually goes to their main website for info. For any of us who’ve been around long enough, it’s mostly a “nothing to see here, move along move along” Jedi mind trick :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Thoughts on April Update Post




Eh, it gives some information like there being more ways to fix honing outside of events in the April/may update. Also there will be QoL updates as well. No specific details.

What you fail to realize is that it’s just a bad April fools joke, Roadmap will be out tommorow…Copium.

well to be honest I appreciate it. I know a lot of people who don’t go on forums due to how toxic they are or how demanding they can be. the news post is a good spot for them to get the information that has already been relayed in forums/Twitter.

It’s a post of excuses.


the information in this post was the same as what was in the previous update post. It was just rehashing what was already said even to people who don’t visit the forums

Just a post, containing info from another post, just to say they posted.