Thoughts on server/character swap?

you think they will ever add in a feature to pay x amount to swap servers dont really wanna do the whole story an regrind my characters up. pretty sure WoW has a feature like that. just mainly upset i have no one to play with

I honestly dont think the game has the coding foundation for it.
If it did, you would be able to get 2 powerpasses per server. But these things are linked straight to the account.
Remember when they handed out the second founders pack? It wasnt even the same one.

dont really recall the founders pack the 2nd time. but i see what you mean. just a shot hoping the devs would see an make me not waste countless hours getting to where i was again just on a different server

Korea did server transfers for individual characters (not rosters) manually once.
They never did it again.

I don’t think it’ll be a thing any time soon.