Thoughts on Turning Blue GL into an ACTUAL Support

So this idea has been rolling around in my head for a bit

What if Blue GL was turned into a full support while Red GL was the DD

Think about it

Very high stagger

Adds another support in the game

Rework some abilities and tripods to focus on Shield and DPS buffs while putting out higher DPS than Bard and Paladin

It could be a nice blend between Bard and Paladin, and you still have Red if you wanna full on DD

What do y’all think, I’m curious

Also too this post was inspired by me having a fever, take that as you will

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Blue GL will never be a support coz it can’t heal and doesn’t make sense to add it into it’s kit. It also can’t dmg buff so it’s pointless to consider it a support coz if u give it both a heal and a dmg buff, pallies are redundant then. And if U don’t give it a heal and a dmg buff then blue gl support spec is pointless.

Blue GL is exactly as it’s meant to be, a stagger bot with some shields that help the party with reasonable dps.

What they NEED to do is buff the DPS of red so blue is not challenging red in DPS. Red should be doing similar numbers to destroyer.

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Lol Having GL + db + striker makes your team already super op. You’ll see damage boost no other team comp can even dream of.

Why people think blue GL is better at supporting. Doesnt red run full swiftness which means more uptime?


Would it be possible to build GL just like in Inferno mode for normal raid? being a total stagger bot and keeping the boss in down state more often and longer for the team to do more consist damage?

GL can’t be considered full support. No heal, high cd shield, shout synergy only benefiting front/back attackers.

Legion raid inferno is a special case where GL is built defensively with high expertise to keep staggering the boss. Knocking down the boss is the best burst window for this mode.

With the design structure of support in place idk if Blue can ever fill in as a support without just pissing off every Blue in the game.

Realistically there are 4 core tools that all Supports bring that make them worth bringing over a 4th dps.

  1. Healing of some sort. They all have it in different forms but the main benefit of a support is to heal the chip damage.
  2. 10% damage synergy. This is the best party synergy in the game.
  3. 15% attack power/6% attack power medium uptime buff.
  4. A Class Speciality meter form of Damage buff.

Supports also bring a Grace effect which is a damage reduction effect but it’s considered a major bonus compared to the first 4.

For a Blue gunlancer “Support” to work while still maintaining the gunlancer gameplay is basically impossible. There are too many damage focused abilities in gunlancer to fit all of these features into the class which just makes them a bad support. They would basically be a bad dps or a bad support rather than being a class that can fill both roles badly.

The class you are decribing is actually a judgement pally. They still apply the damage synergies but bring no healing in exchange for some medium levels of dps. No one wants to bring that.