Thousands of Bots buying merchant ship mats

That’s how you know it’s Thursday, folks.

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They need to get to t3 asap and buy out all the mats!

And people are still against removing gold transfer from the game.

If they remove gold transfer then they’ll just put an item thats insanely overpriced on the auction house and get the gold like that.

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What are Pheons for?

Not all things require pheons. They can put gems up.

Then add pheons for all items.

I dont think people will like that.

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merchant ships next to get nerfed due to bots with completely deniability from AGS that they have been nerfed :rofl: :man_facepalming:

but on a more serious note if they were to add player names to the AH then atleast we could know if we’re buying from a bot or not then could avoid buying those items

like this item.

This game is destroyed for a normal, honest player, who plays fair way to make some gold.
R.I.P. Lost Ark.


yep everyone who makes gold is cheating…

Uhhh bro just buy the gold from currency exchange from royal crystals, that’s what this game is all about.

i believe they’re already doing this…

look at gem prices on the auction house.

ive made about 8k gold over the past few days listing identical gems with identical prices, and very very similar listing times.

What’s the deposit?

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mailing/trading is disabled for untrusted accounts, so the bots are using Market to transfer gold to “Main” accounts and some are also using market to sell to buyers. Majority is still using mails tho.

Now imagine AGS disabled Market for untrusted accounts - it would not stop the sales from the main accounts, but they would no longer be able to funnel gold to HQ from the million of little zerker bots.
meanwhile at AGS “100k new bots hammering the servers boss!” - Increase the server capacity!

This is why I quit. I realized that I can buy RMT gold for 15 minutes of my RL day job, or I can spend 3 hours in game to get the same amount. What exacerbates this problem is that if you want to be able to do the raids, you need to either no life the game, or RMT, or buy from their shop. Their shop is 10x more expensive then RMT. My choice is RMT if I want to keep up. I don’t want to RMT, and I don’t want to feel like I need to RMT to keep up. So fuck it, I am out. I have 11 characters in t3 and screw all that. I rather walk then deal with garbage RNG honing to see if I can play more, or RMT’ing into winning.