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I can not understand how 20 item restriction seemed like a good idea. Now I can’t sell my crafted stuff because I need to wait for next day reset. it is annoying…

its not exactly like that, its : only new accounts
existing bot accounts before the patch dont need that

thats not correct

bots sell everything every day
lifeskill materials
engraving books ( from chaos dungeon)
Cutting stones

so they get easy over 20 slots per day with all of that
the 10 slot is just for gems accs and stones

also because its a program and you always want the fastest gold , they set it into the market as fast as possible and not ín bundles

thats a code problem and is since launchday like that , you cant buy more item as from 7 diffrent sellers

there are market bot programms which did refresh and buy items 5 times per second
thats why we had 1 month ago that issue with " too many players use the marketplace try again"
flipper programs make way more gold(money) than this normal mage bot

thats not good for that trade bots
they can make millions every day , thats easy to buy 5bucks trusted , to make hundrets and thousands afterwards

but murica dont want that

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