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no thats a terrible system.

It forces players to make and play alts just to enjoy the game and feel like they are progressing.

yes this is VERY much needed.

averaging out the times for conveniences sake

5 mins per chaos x2
5 mins per guardian x2

everyday or every other day is 2+ hrs if you have 6 alts… yeah no…

then when they make stupid events like

watch twitch streamer for FOUR hours for drops?

Like are you serious AGS?

Game already has me stun locked for 2+ hours in-game and they want me to dedicate FOUR hours of my bandwidth just for drops?


they need to change chaos/guardian to 1x only.

damn game is already 80% chaos/guardian at the very least make it less of a chore.


They will never make CD x1. Gold river himself said that chaoss are most important because they give shards = you have to do them. ‘Forcing’ you into the game loop of freemium game, and pretending there is some kind of content.

indeed he himself knows his game is literally garbage made up of 80% chaos/guardian boss and would not survive without the x2 dailies.

Literally look forward to logging out everyday and waiting for reset to have one day of “fun”

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If you lessen the amount of runs, then the players will double their amount of characters.

Players are going to play and maximize their time, if they plan on playing 1hr or 12hrs they will be repeating the content for resources over and over.

Doomer Andy alert

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Just do it once a day, dont have to do it twice. I do guardians once a week if ever


the more characters ppl make the more money they make from character slots and alt pheons whats the problem?


F2p players would demand it stay the same

Just a quick reminder that in a good game you make alts for fun, for pleasure.

Here of course you can have fun but the first reason why you must make alt is that you need that to progress, at least at more speed that a sick turtle.

Here it’s mandatory to have some alts, excepts for the few who would say “play at your own pace, etc, etc.”
Yeah you can but enjoy month and month of the same guardian and weekly content. You’ll eat more of this than anyone who have some alts (even if in the end we all eat that but oh well).

Yeah i think they could have found better ways to keep players playing, instead of pretexting “We are making a game where alts are important cause we want you to enjoy many classes !”, but in fact people are making those primary for mindless grind for mats.

The fun things are per week and if you want to do them more than once you must eat a lot of braindead content for pushing alts.
Rince and repeat, easy and lazy game design.

I still like some parts of this game, but the biggest part you must do for having fun is braindead.
So here i am, with my main 1490 and three alts 1430, and honestly it will become longer and longer to progress after the next raids.
I don’t really have problems with honing % but the amount of mats and gold is exponential, you need more and more alts to keep a feeling of “normal” progression.

I’ll probably push my main the further i can and leave after that.


Copium Andy alert.
I see this kind of response so many times and I still don’t know if you even think about it. If people are going to maximise their profit/time then they won’t play more than 6 gold characters.

  1. If you’re playing with larger numbers then you know that the materials from chaos/guardian alone won’t pay for honing for several months with lower and lower prices of these mats.
  2. If you are fine-tuning your characters and creating a roster of 12+ characters just to bus then you don’t really care about ‘dailies’ at that point.

Wasting the time of the majority of players because 0.01% of smelly guys will have a slightly higher return is disgusting.


Bus runs, accesories to sell, extra materials.

Plenty of reasons to go beyond 6 characters. More characters the better for income.

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f2p players at this point already realize this is a whales game a long time ago and most quit because they dont want to make 6+ alts just to progress.

they dont care anymore at this point.

whens the last time to heard a p2w talk in sea chat?

like never anymore?

sea chat is dead…

people do dailies then logout literally…

224258 is a 83.078763001724% decrease of 1325305.

literally over 80% have quit. they clearly don’t like what is currently in the game

lets ALSO be honest and say at least half of this could be bots numbers too.

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I love that kind of answer !
No argument, nothing.
As if it was an absolute truth.

Lol. 200k concurrent is the sign of this game is dying?

Game is doing great, and there are plenty of f2p players enjoying the content

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Yup. 100% truth.

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At least you understood i was right.

uhh no?

i never said the game was dying in any of my sentence.

literally putting words in my mouth shoving dik down my throat and now doubling down.



You implied it. Which you admitted to above.

So again, ty for admitting i was right.

and im saying i didn’t you want to be RIGHT THAT BAD?

sure dude.

lets get back to the topic at hand…

and stop playing pretend.

sheesh ego is so big it’s amazing

sure man you right!


special ppl wanting to be wannabe amber turd i swear