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And how much time now you need to regain all loss ?

dang. still got 41m silver and 200k gold.

Here are the materials I just used.

30k Guardian, 6k Red, 450~ Fusing (300 = 2k gold crafted from SH, not added into the raw hone gold cost), 12k gold(Pure from honing, nothing bought) 700(give or take 10) GHL stones 2.5mill silver or so. Went 17/17/13/12/12/11 (Shoulder,Gloves,Helm,Chest,Legs,Wep)

All bound Greaters from the time i hit 1400 a couple weeks back, had 300~ left over after hitting 1415. Had 100 of the Green juice material, 50 of the blue, and only 10 Epic juice mats. Used them for 16-17 and the other item 15-17. None used on wep.

Only pitied once from 13-14 on the shoulders (I started at 16/11/11/11/11/10 for 1400)

This is average

With that much gold banked, you should’ve been 1445 a long time ago.


Can’t believe u come here posting this bs, when you have 200k gold, you are valtan hard mode ready dude, u are just greedy.


it’s made for people like me. It ensures me that a full wallet doesn’t guarantee you brain. And that you can achieve even more with less if you use some basic reasoning and skills. It feels good :slight_smile:

ur just flexing about an online currency and also being out of topic lmao

Dang wish I had that kind of luck! Well done
And thank you for posting your data too :blush:

Take the left over 200K and get your weapon the +20 glow

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Thnx for the data. Always good to know the cost breakdown. People say they don’t need it, but when you ask them for an idea of how much it costs they’ll say “lots.” Or point you to max roll


Share some of those 2k GHL and 200k Gold with me

Dude 200k gold is enough to bring me from 1400 to 1405 at best. What are you even talking about lmfao?

With your luck maybe, not the average experience

I estimate about 1.2 million gold for 1415 if I’m lucky. I’ll get there, and wish me luck, it could take up to 2 million.

1400-1415 took me a little over 1k ghl. Maybe I was lucky, didn’t really went out of my way to do the math since that’s one straight road to feeling like shit if you’re on the lower end and zero pride for being on the high end

I still don’t think you go over 1 mil but maybe prices are different in NA

If I’m lucky I could get away with 1.2 million. My weapon can stay low, I’m a support, so all these upgrades are armor-only.

You can’t sell bound mats. You should stop convert everything into gold and saying “uooh I need 50million of gold to be 1445…” :sweat_smile:

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It’s the gold value of mats. So bound mats and anything I don’t sell all contribute to this value. I’m essentially distilling the total contribution to one number. For example, I already have the shards and silver because of how much time has passed.