Thronespire should be shut down immediately

Unfortunately, the increase in bot accounts in the game also affected the economy in the game. This is because of the Thronespire legendary book selection option. Thronespire needs to be shut down immediately until it’s fixed or the game will be worthless in 1 month. Items obtained through normal means in the game will have no value.
In this case, in other raids that will come in the future, people will not be able to upgrade their characters, unless they can sell their materials, jewelry and books, people will have to buy gold as their only solution, which will be a troublesome situation for many players. There are many online games that are already in this situation.

Improve the entry condition of replicas to restrict robots, such as 1385 or 1415

Bro, they’re just crushing down Grudge books, you should be thankful. You want them to be 17k?

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Why will I be grateful? For that man, whose book will be next, shadowhunter and then another class. It may be good for you, but it’s a troubling situation for someone who drops it in normal ways. You only think of yourself, but you think of today, but in the long run, the game will only get worse when you look at it

everyone needs grudge
and if some say the price without bots would be 10-15k per book than those bots are good
everyone needs grudge nut nearly no one can spend 200-300k on it so reducing the price by anyway is good

Thronespire only has battle engravings, not class engravings, so it’s not class specific. The only thing it effects is lower book price (grudge right now). RMT was there before, is here now, and will be here in the future regardless of these thronespire books or not. So the question is why take an action that hurts the players, again and again, to fight bots/RMT, when it will have no effect other than hurting the players?

You do know that it’s good for everyone to have LV 3 books as many as possible right? So take it with a grain of salt. The cheaper the better. You won’t want to be 1 of those players that complain when brelshazar comes out and you don’t have 5x3 or something. You know what I’m sayin?