Thronespire SUCKS for SUPPORTS

It is not acceptable that SUPPORTS cannot complete the tower, it is not fair, you should have adjusted the foes for SUPPORTS. We spend the same money as other characters but still we do not get the same rewards…

Unacceptable and totally lack of ownership from the developers. Maybe, they want a game full of people who play DB, SH, Mage and Berseker. The only viable classes. Disgusting…


This was my thought when I was doing the Bridge on my LM

On one hand you can complete it as a support if you have a DPS set.
On the other hand these type of solo content (Tower, Velganos, solo bus) suck ASS for support. You have to invest into a secondary build that is just as expensive as any DPS build and even then your DPS is still subpar, only dealing like 80 90% damage compare to a DPS with the same build, while you are squishier and have zero mobility. The bard DPS problem has been brought up time and time again in KR already I don’t know why they are still not addressing it.
Even world boss and chaos gate register by damage so sometime you’re slow and don’t get shit or get less for reward. God damn you dev why tf would you design it like that?


It was a disaster with my Paladin.

Took my 1370 Sorc and cleared floor 23 with 30 seconds left so I probably dont have enough dps for floor 25 which means I lose some silver and couple gems so it could have been worse if I had no dps alts.

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supports can complete it, but they need a dps build. its once per account though, so its probably if you have another class, do it on that one.

various classes will all have different difficulty on this quest. it is what it is.

if you build yourself optimized for group play, you will not excel at solo play, thats not really unfair.

Sometimes life is just not fair.


got to floor 23 on my 1390 bard - 1 death
running pure spec, 4x3, reduction cards set w/recovery bonus, mix skill set just things i put together that i use and what work for ME…

ZIPPED past the other floors on my 1426 SH no deaths stopped at floor 39 - basic 4x3 spec build. reduction cards set w/recovery bonus, argos set w/2x valtan pc zero relic item(s)

meh i had harder time with the tower on my bard honestly

Not every class/spec needs to be able to complete every single piece of content, some content is harder for some that it is for others, while a class or spec that finds one thing easy will find something else hard, swings and roundabouts

What content is easier for bards that is harder for others? Asking for a friend.


To be fair any solo content sucks for supports.

Uh, for content that has exclusive rewards yeah every class needs to be able to complete it.


Thats where you wrong OP, you can complete the 25 floors in one go.

Yep, what content easier for bard than dps ?
I didn’t find it in this game. (◔◡◔)

There more, remember about the time when Velganos is top guardian boss, support have to find dps for Duo or Trio everyday. Or they have to skip Velganos and run Yoho, or bus service.
And, it’s a whole month.

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Do you need a carry ? You can contact my manager at the DPS Union, he’ll communicate my hourly rate then ))

I will say the upside to this kind of content is it’s roster wide done once so you can use a DPS alternate character to do it mor easily. I do agree it would be nice if there was a way to make this kind of content more support main friendly though for solo things like this I’m not sure how you’d go about it.

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Getting into any party on the raid finder

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It’s not a content. The content is whole the raid. When you going a raid, there is a teamwork, so everyone need to do their job.
You can not go a raid with full support.
Also 1 team just need 2 support. The reason sup can join any party just because no one play support and all server lack of support. If the support player increase, then the one who can not find party is support.

This is directly influenced by the support class, or more specifically bard being some of the worst gameplay experience in Lost Ark in other content.

Special pleading logical fallacy.

“I don’t like your answer so i’m going to make an exception why a raid in an MMO doesn’t count as content”

I main support and, as much as I would want to agree with your point. I believe we’re changing the game too much with all this complaining. I literally just did floor 23 on my alt, I barely missed out on anything.