Thronespire - Support Pally?

Anyone know if a support Pally who is 1415+ can complete Thronespire?

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sniffle i was just asking… :smiling_face_with_tear:

no. Thronespire 1-25 easier for some classes, nightmare for supports.

As a Bard… im honestly looking forward to the challenge.

bruh… that reply xD

its roster wide, so you can do it on a DPS character

Once you do it once, its done.

You’re 1415 PLD and don’t have DPS setup yet? What’s wrong with you?
With all the Argos and Oreha HM, you should have an easy 3x3 setup.

Well said little dude

No desire to be a DPS Pally, I’m a lover… Pally is my main, but I can bring other DPS

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its easy for pally but u need a DPS set lol, i have a good 3333 so will be easy for my pally

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I don’t even think my 1470 Paladin is going to be able to clear 25lvl.
Oh Well Time to get at-least 1 dps alt up to match main! We always knew it had to be done. It’s ok we get to experience both worlds the supp and the dps side. Unfortunately you might have to sell your house but hey it’s worth it :100:!

no, you can’t clear it with a support pally, you need to invest pheons and gold into a dps set, I don’t know if it’s worth it tho

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you have to make a dps set if you are a real pally main, it helps a lot for solo content/chaos most of korean paladins have a setup for solo content

My plan is to get 1490, full relic set to convert it to more dps oriented one and if its still not enough I invest in some scuffed dps setup where the pheon cost is the most expensive part.

Go preemptive strike 3, grudge 3, cursed doll 3, judge 3 and slap lvl 25 just as easy as the last two towers

Wish i had this option.

I have 5x supports and my main DPS alt is Aeromancer.

AGS be gating me.

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I would LOVE to make a DPS set, but I have soooo much support action, it’s hard for me to find time. You know, I’m in the union… :rofl:

roster wide, so I can complete it on my main and give rewards to an alt if i need?

I have been just saving dps tripods as you can have 2 sets of them easily.

Any little bit helps