Thunderwings tagging and loot


Just wanted to ask couple questions:

  1. What ilvl do you need to have to be able to “tag” Thunderwings? I know that if you’re too low on the ilvl, you won’t deal a single point of damage and therefore no loot. I just don’t know that threshold
  2. If let’s say I am at 1400 ilvl and I manage to tag Thunderwings, will I be able to loot Relic gear? If not, will I be able to get everything else or that’s restricted as well

When i had asked that same question long ago i was told 1415 is the very lowest you can be for anything on him , have i tested that theory at 1400 not at all so maybe somebody else can verify about 1400

Well, in order to get loot you need to do enough damage to get contribution. Lets say you go as a 1400 and somehow manage to get a single damage number, (which btw i dont think is even possible) you wont do enough total damage anyway to get loot. The easiest way to get around this is to get into a party with higher item level players that actually can do damage, since the rewards are based on party contribution. Still, I would not recommend doing thunderwings until you are at least 1445, maybe 1415 if you really cant stand to do moake ever again, not sure what the actual threshold is on item level to be eligible to rewards though.

ilvl 1415 is the requirement

I was able to tag thunderwings solo at 1415 but because most of my atk got blocked, the loots were terrible. Better off doing moake. Unless you have someone strong to party with you.