Thunderwings World Boss

I did not receive rewards when killing Thunderwing today. I hadn’t killed him previously, so something bugged out…

You need at least 1415 ilvl and beeing able to damage the boss. If you dont do enough dmg, yoy get nothing.
Thunderwing is 1460 ilvl.

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Hey Masta_X.

UsernameNotFound is correct, however if you did enough damage and meet the ilvl criteria, I can send a report for you over.

Today I got way less rewards from Thunderwings than I usually do. I’m 1472.5 ilvl so damage contribution shouldn’t be an issue. I didn’t get a stone of chaos (which I’ve gotten every other time), and got only 75 guardian stones (no destruction), two level 1 gems and a couple relic accessories. Did the rewards change or is this a bug or other known issue?