Thx ags, for the events

Lots of complaints, some right, some not. A little gratitude too, in this forum. Thanks for the 3 events (arkesia, guardian and express), it helped me to have 6 T3 characters with little game release time. I know it’s a standard of lost ark, in general, to bring good events like in others regions, but I feel that the game is going in a good way, meeting the needs of the vast majority. I hope it gets even better and stays just as fun. The only extremely sad defect is not having all the playable classes, but i can wait… ;-;


Yea, thanks AGS + SG for taking away Grand Prix which gave honing mats from T1 to T3 and replacing it with Super Express which only gives T1 and T2 mats. Oh, and also thanks for the Ark Pass for giving 1 time (non-weekly recurring) mats.

Edit: the guy below reminded me… where Summoner? :grin:

Here before all the summoner fans, “predatory market”, 1445, gib skins now crowd all shows up.

Nice to actually see a good post, thanks for the change of pace OP :slight_smile:


I created a glavier TODAY and it is already 1325 with the event, and I didn’t spend even 1 gold on extra material. I don’t know what you’re expecting from the game, but it’s already too easy.

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Eh, it got my glaivier to 1100 from 960 with 2-3 hours of play. I would say it helped a lot for that case. Means more mats for me.

ye, taths the point

I’m not saying it’s a bad event, I’m just hinting that it’s 1 less source for weekly T3 mats. I’m not complaining though, I’m going to start Glaivier today and like you’ve said, Super Express is going to make the leveling experience better.

But arkesia already helped my main to reach 1400, almost 1415 I don’t understand the complaints, it seems like nothing is enough. Literally the game gave 1 T3 character today for FREE and fast and it also gives the possibility for those who are late in the game to catch up with those who are already ahead.

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Yea, I understand. I was just jesting. Would be great if there was another event that gives T3 mats though but like you’ve said, Arkesia has given us tons of mats for T3 and now Super Express is literally giving us another T3 char at a super quick pace. Definitely the right direction.

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I believe the next event (which probably comes with valtan) will be a catch up for those who didn’t reach 1415. my bet is honing change 20% for 1370, and an event with some materials. At this moment, all my alts 1340 I will push to 1370.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a 1340 or 1370 super express when Valtan comes out. Seems likely since we have the ilvl 1000 super express now for South Vern. Maybe a Punika power pass as well. If this happens, then it shows that AGS/SG is starting to know what the playerbase wants.

I understand. I hope they do as well since they want us to make it to valtan by may.

I took my glavier insta to 1100 with the express event :slight_smile: damn thats good

So how many mats did the old event give and how many do you get from ark pass and south vern? 8 or 10 times more mats? Maybe even more? Good thing to point out tho instead of focusing on how much better this is then all previous events…

Just considering destruction stones alone (since it’s the only honing mat that matters to me).

Previous Grand Prix event gave like 700 destruction stones per week if I’m not mistaken (or was it 900 stones), it ran for around 7 weeks I believe. So, in total, we get like 4,900 destruction stones for free.

Yesterday, I bought the super premium tier of Ark Pass and level it up 2 more levels to level 17, and got like 5000 destruction stones. So, clearly Ark Pass gave more but it wasn’t free.

Assuming premium tier gave 2x the materials, it means I could’ve only gotten 2.5k destruction stones for free up to level 17 ark pass. I’m not sure which other level gives destruction stones but I would assume Ark Pass would give more in total. However, I believe Ark Pass does not give honing books (might be wrong).

Overall value, I think Ark Pass wins because it gives silver, ship parts and pirate coins as an option as well if you were to choose those rewards instead of Guardian Stones. I know most of us do not have Guardian Stone shortage.

EDIT: I have goldfish memory, might be wrong about the whole quantity of Destruction + Guardian stones.

You are confusing guardian and destruction stones i think

Sorry, which part? It’s based on my memory and it might be a little hazy as I’m at work right now, hahaha :neutral_face:

I think you got 900 Guardian stones and like 200 destruction im not a 100% sure tho but guardianstones was not over 1k and destriction is always way less

For the Naruni Grand Prix yea? You might be right. I don’t remember the rewards clearly but I remember each week, I get like 700. Probably because I stack it with Winter Event, and Guild Shop.

You still get winter and guild shop tho, so its like 5 times more destruction stones even at lvl 17 plus all the other stuff
edit or 1k more if free dont know if there is more at later levels but its already way superior, then the expresspass also gives som e t3 mats at the end i Think