Thx for that devs :3

I got and used the powerpass first day, still got the compensation :3rd_place_medal:

First time i’m quite smiling at there failure


yea it’s kinda weird, i thought i’m not eligible since i use the powerpass and done the hyper express and got to 1370 a day before they locked the powerpass.
but guess i am eligible too.

looks like AGS/SG is going oprah mode this time


Thanks amazon

Very nice of them. Enjoy your new items! :slightly_smiling_face:


They didn’t give me shieet :rofl: used the powerpass and express mission the first day it got out.

yep get tea bagged :smiley:

Still insane that shards and crystals are Char bound when you get IT, whats the reason for IT but OK.
Rest isnt bound :joy:

Me too! I used it day 1 and still got compensation. Don’t tell anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

bad move giving everyone the rewards

dont tell anyone but :

of this post and the fact that a community manager interact with it kinda make me feel good about lost ark, maybe everything isnt lost, and they are actuely listening x)

They gave it to everyone because even though some weren’t able to use the free power passes, others were not able to purchase power passes either. Your account still met certain requirements. You’re not special and it wasn’t a mess up to act like 'he he got one over on’em". You just received what everyone did. Lol.

It really wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t also get the compensation just because we knew what alt we wanted to make next day 1.

Yeah was about to log off last night when I noticed it, fell like the lady in those IKEA commercials… Start the car!! Start the caarrrr! Lol…

Used almost all of it instantly on like 2 taps trying to get 1445… Failed both… But hey, thanks for the attempts! :joy::sob:

I actually got a support bag too. It feels nice to be included.

Can’t tell if this is satire or not. I got one too. It’s nice.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I guarantee we’ll see a post any second now complaining about how everyone got it, and it’s not fair, because the people who used it day 1 have been benefiting from an extra T3 alt for 2 weeks and that amounts to thousands of gold and mats and blah blah blah blah

Yea, what about the people that couldn’t use the pass?


Looks like more than AGS failed, :laughing: :rofl: :joy:.

If you still have a Vern Powerpass, that could be the cause of this. But you know what? Happy Friday.


I got also, had already used the Powerpass prior to them getting disabled. Had no other passes available – I’ve used all that have been given since launch to actually get characters past Vern.