Thx for the EUC queue. ^^

It seems the server capacity for EUC got reduced with the latest patch, because there was hope the “Items from Chaos Vendor are Char Bound” change would reduce the number of bots.

Suprise, it didn’t. ^^
And why? Edit: Removed my first assumption, because I was wrong. But noticed, that bots get the 2x daily Mats for running Chaos Dungeons anyway. That reduces the number of Mats they can gather. But now they just do 2 Runs and switch to another char. Most of the time that char is on another Account. Means they have to enter the queue again, which results in numbers like yesterday. ^^

The Bots will not go away until trading between accounts, outside the AH, gets forbidden.
Or we get an ID system, like in Korea. But that would violate european law. That’s why I believe we will not get it.

I would block trading between accounts and take a really close look at the AH afterwards. I would limit the max price of an T3 Item to “300%-500% above average selling price”.
For T1 and T2 items a max gold Limit wouldn’t hurt anyone, because that kind of Items are almost worthless anyway.

Yes that would result in “We cant get Gold for Boosts anymore”, but I would prefer to lose that “prossible income” if it means the game is free of bots.

The Bots are back, it seems the Server capacity got reduce, which results in queues for EUC.

Thank you. I hope you revert the Server capacity change soon.
And I hope you will finally block Gold and Item trading outside the AH.

Wbr, shnoopx

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Seems like the problem is here and yet you completely ignore the fact that making those materials bound would solve it. Or just make them dismantle back into those shards (or whatever), but at reduced amount like for example 25%.

no, when you dismantle the accessories you bought with blood shards, you get blood shards not mats.

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Making the Mats bounded wouldn’t solve the problem, because than the bots will farm something else to sell on the AH. That’s why I didn’t mention it as a solution.

As long as the bots are able to send the gold to other accounts, they will be ablt wo “deliver” it to real players. Remove that feature and it will become really hard for them to collect enough gold on one acc, which can be sold.

@GoatBlade Just tested it. You are right and I am sorry. I will edit my post.

Beside that, every Bot has 2 daily runs where they can collect regular mats in the Chaos dungeons. Because that didn’t get changed at all.

Wbr, shnoopx

There’s no queues on EUC.

Let’s just happy with what we got first then plan next step later, step by step in the right direction. Angry all the time won’t help.

Next step: perm ban RMTer, no less.
Next next step: in-game GM.

There was in the evening. 3.500 and Up. If this will stay now that more Bots are coming this is a Desaster

If this step causes to get Queues in Prime Time Like it did Yesterday already this sucks.

This can’t be the only reason, as the servers are built to have a que system when the server is at capacity, that que only goes down when people leave the server, so if one bot is logging out for another to login, that’s not increasing que, either there is more bots or more.people logging in, but the chaos dungeon reason is just stupid as that definitely is not the case

I don’t think my server (EUC) got reduce capacity, the number bots here seem a bit milder than others as well. I’m not sure what is the reason queue appear on your server. Hope it get resolved before it get worst.