Thx Twitch / Amazon Prime

For all who did not know. There is new Monthly drop from Twitch Prime.
Mount looks nice and 500 Amythist Shards <3


I wish there was an ingame notification like mail or something letting you know a claim item is available. I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t posted. So thanks!


well lets keep saving those crystalline au ra things till summoner is finally released (in 6 or 7 months…or more)


Thx for the info.

Yes, right now crystalin aura is like 2k gold for 30 days. I have enough aura for the next few month. So it will come good some time later

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I’ve used all mine :smile: I have something like 55 days left of all the free Aura I’ve gotten. But if it runs out and I decide to keep playing I will pay $50 for 6 months to support the game. That’s only $8.33 USD a month, it’s a good deal!

Like i just said post above, aura for 30 Days is 2k Gold right now. And 2k Gold is just Dungeon etc for a week in t3. So its fine.


You can always goto Prime Gaming and signup for notifications for any particular game.

Don’t have to signup for all games either to avoid spam, just the 1 game you want, like LA


5K shards… hearing it is 500

Thanks for the heads up

Lel, yes sorry, was 500, gonna edit. Did look to fast

Oh interesting, I’ll look into that, thanks!

i got virtual pixels as a reward for consoooming media :OO

Would check back in with Twitch Prime each month when you can!! :slight_smile: We will always tweet and such too if social media is your thing


heck yea! didn’t even know about this until I saw the thread, thank you


roster bound or character? cause…not sure if to open cause saving things for summoner

all mounts are roster bound as far as I am aware

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Wenn ich ein falsches Steam Konto verbunden hatte als ich auf den Abholen Button gedrückt habe, ist es möglich, dass ich die Drops auf mein aktuelles Konto erhalten kann? Ingame habe ich die Sachen noch nicht abgeholt.


The best is, it changes color when you run