Ticket to change classes or advance class,

I think it would be cool if we’re able to buy a ticket where we’re able to change class or advance class, due to not playing or hearing about lost ark before release date I made different characters some I no longer play but have lot of resources on them, it’s a shame those resources are going to waste where if I was able to transfer them or swap that class for another, that I’m interested in playing.

many have suggested this but its very hard since tripods, accessories and such. Resources wise if its accessories then nothing can be done about it but if its consumable and costumes then pray its not bounded and you can put them in roster inventory and transfer it to another character

tbh I didn’t think of tripod and accessories, but I wouldn’t mind grinding again for tripods if it’s to get a class I like playing but I understand others might not feel the same way lol.

they would prob prefeer to remake a char also cause they get to make a new character preset