Tier 1 and 2 Guardians needs a general nerf

I’m going to vent my frustration with the matchmaking system and difficulty, so bear with me.

Having to do two guardians per alt is painful enough, but having to do them in matchmaking makes me not want to do it at all. When I spend literal HOURS in matchmaking trying to down a guardian when it should only take 5-15 minutes, it’s just dumb and a complete waste of time.

I understand they are “optional”, but that doesn’t excuse the difficulty level of Tier 1 guardians. Even as a veteran, I can’t carry the team, and no, I don’t always want to solo, especially on my bard.

Tier 3 guardians are stupid simple compared to Tier 1 and 2 guardians.

Can we just get this fixed already? It’s just plain not fun.

“old content” doesn’t need to be this difficult for normal, random matchmaking.

My suggestions:
Nerf Tier 1 and 2 guardians (OLD CONTENT) to reduce time per kill, and less overall wipes.
Make it so each character should only have to do one daily guardian per day instead of two.

EDIT: Some replies are to join a guild to play with people in it, and try party finder. While I don’t disagree, circumventing matchmaking to make things better isn’t a solution, it’s a bandaid.

EDIT2: A good post that helps.


what t1 guardians and t2 guardians are you having issues with… ddnt they just nerf some of these


Nerf Incoming

Take cover!


One would argue most, if not all. Maybe Ur’nil is fine(?) It’s not so much that I, myself, am having issues. It’s the teams I’m getting matchmaked with. It’s like no one knows how to do anything.

Lately, it’s just been Flame Fox and Tytalos. I do them on 3 alts. All of them have matchmaking issues where it’s wipe, wipe, wipe, wipe. And… I’m just so frustrated with it. heh

I’ve never had issue matchmaking, I think it might be you though NGL.

I only failed once so far T1 Icy Lagoros and that was weeks ago first attempt.


Well make an alt-only party and check people’s roster level, easy.

im sorry but did you say maybe ur’nil is fine? that boss is far from hard


Yes, and how does this comment, in any way, help anyone at all?

I’m so glad you aren’t having issues. Move along then.

Hence why I said Ur’nil is fine. I stated the two main ones I’ve been having a lot of issues with lately.

Tytalos is easy just stand behind the boss… flame fox gives you a buff try letting the team know that before starting? try the raid finder if you are also having issues… you get to pick and choose who you want on your team

I bet you were thinking how hard prideholme was too. Does rethrimis dungeons need a nerf to help you feel good about yourself?


No, it doesn’t help. Just like this post and any other posts that asking for nerf with baseless claims such as OMG so hard nerf needed


If you’re playing your class correctly and understand the fight mechanics they are all incredibly easy.

Some absolute pepega noobs is not a reason to blanket nerf everything.


That’s a toxic attitude right there. I’d suggest being more friendly in your responses.

I vented a frustration with issues I’ve been having. In no way am I talking about dungeons, or areas for that matter. Perhaps you need a bit more reading comprehension.

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please no. buff mechanics instead nerf them. they are boring easy

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these guardians already got a nerf they do not need to be hit with another nerf

You knoe whats toxic? Asking for nerfs on already easy content because your not taking the time to learn them and your class


Before the nerf on the bosses a week or do ago, the only one i thought needed a slight nerf was tytalos and only then a slight increase in the time that his one hit finished. As a former raider in other mmos this was the only one i thought neefed a bit of fixing because of the time between the start of the one shot and the time it takes to get to the tornado.

But they nerfed the health of the easy ass fox…

This doesn’t have anything to do with me learning the fights or knowing my class.

Again, it’s like you didn’t even bother reading anything. You just saw the word “nerf” and went full rage keyboard warrior mode. Go bother someone else. kthx.

Forum is not for venting, especially Game Feedback Forum

For your convenience, read pinned post on forum head next time to see exact purpose of it before you post anything.

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