Tier 1 and 2 Guardians needs a general nerf

I agree with this. It feels super jarring going from tier 2 to tier 3 and the guardians suddenly feel a lot weaker, dying in easily half the time it takes for tier 1 and 2 guardians. Keep the challenge level the same, just reduce the massively bloated HP. Makes no sense to have a reverse difficulty curve.

You do realise the HP was originally 50% lower, but the people here in the BETA complained it was too easy. So they buffed them with 50% extra HP

If nothing we only have ourselves to blame for it, since we asked for it…

But you do the same thing in t3 as you do in t1-t2. You don’t farm Velganos because it takes too long. You do Igrexion. If you farm velganos daily farming things like alberhastic shouldnt be the issue either. You have some easy and some difficult guardians in every tier. The early ones help you reach the next one faster and then you stay there for a little while to learn the fight. THe same way people in t1 farm chromanium because it is braindead fight, calventus and or velanos in t2 and then igrexion in t3.
The thign just repeats. You delete lumerus, legoros and urnil, you wipe to vertus. You kill dark legoros, helgaia and calventus and you wipe to achates. Untill you learn it of course. The same happens in t3. You delete nacrassena and igrexion and then velganos deletes you.

Achates and Tytalos should be T3 bosses, not T1 bosses.
Shadow Yoho is even better to teach mechanics than normal Yoho. Normal Yoho is harder than the T3 one.
Armored Nacrasena is less punishing than normal Nacrasena. Normal Nacrasena do 2 electructions + grab = dead. Armored Nacrasena do 2 electrocutions and he doesnt grab

Hard disagree on few of the bosses.

Not sure why Yoho keeps coming up as the boss is quite easy to kill with attack boosts, thought one might need to use panacea for burn if your party has no cleanse.

Tytalos wipe mechanic is clearly telegraphed by the slams followed by 2 to 3 patterns before going wipe mode, meaning if you have not prepped for the wipe mechanic, that is on you.

Achates pre nerf, I can agree but post nerf? You get so many stones to throw and so many statue spawns. All it really needs is perhaps a more visible mechanics explanation.

As far as Alber is concerned, he seems to have come out nerfed already because he just dies so quickly. Sure he has a lot of mechanics but they are all bypassed by stagger. It is near impossible to dee anyway wipe patterns unless you are AFK bussing 3 people.

Not really.

Everytime I check in to the forums to see if there is any updates or news, I end up seeing topics like this.

This type of feedback, complain about everything shouldnt be considered, AGS, for the sake of every player that enjoys Lost Ark, Please, we dont want the game to go any easier what it already is.

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t3 nacra doesnt need a grab. It kills most people just with electrocute

And that is because the endgoal is T3 and u will in fact be running these Guardians for months and months. That’s why T2 and T1 bosses might feel harder since they are meant to learn u the games mechanics.

T3 bosses might be slightly easier since these are the ones u will be running weeks and months and perhaps even longer.

Perhaps we should be happy that T3 Guardians are pretty simple? No?

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Right so that means during beta we had lower HP that got buffed on par with other regions. So basically it would have been 2/3 HP if the beta version stayed.

People who do not do fact checking thought this was 50% hp buff compared to other regions when it was just a buff compared to our beta version, and yes some people were complaining about guardians becoming too easy

Yes really, I’ve played a long time in KR and these guardians in fact lower HP and sometimes take only a couple of minutes.

Might not be 50% as person above mentioned. But the KR guardians have in fact lower HP

T3 Narca is scary easy tbf. Typically dies in 3-5 minutes.

It hits hard, sure but has very easy to read telegraphs and probably the longest window to be counter attacked.

The tricky part is knowing when It’ll double jump because you can dps it down so fast it phase switches extremely fast

KR patch 12.22.2021 increased T1 and T2 guardians’ hp as

The update affects all servers, including ours.

But I agree with a lot of people here that T1 and T2 guardians are just useless, just trying to understand AGS/SGR decisions:

  • If the game starts on T3 or Legion Raids, why not launch T3 powerpass like any other server ?
  • If they want players to feel the T1/T2 classic experience, why nerf it like they did ?

Sorry bro nerf its just a big no no .

Guardians so easy most of them dont even last 10 min .

Well they’re not even supposed to last 6 mins bruh

Uh yes on the easy part (sort of) no on the 3 to 5 min. You should not put time it takes overgeared party to clear as if that is the norm. Typical 1302-1339 party will clear 7 to 10m but most in that range tend to mess up and even fail because people are still using T2 stones and accessories due to engravings or they have crappy engravings and stats unless they reach over 1325 and ran abyss for some time.

Also, it is only easy because players have gotten used to the game through experience.

Was doing 5 minute runs with a 1302-1340 party

There seems to be this great fear of watching a 2-3 minute video to get an idea of what mechanics the boss has for some reason.

I get the desire to do it blind, but ever since Tytalos and the possibility Guardians can have wipe mechanics, I’ve taken the time to watch the short videos

2-3 minute video versus wasting countless consumables and even wiping, I know what I’d prefer.

There are certain tier one and two guardians that i made sure to avoid as much as possible such as Vertus and Flame Fox Yoho for example which should be deleted as content and never brought back.

Tier Three guardians are not even that hard.

If people had an engraving that is more useful than grudge lv1 and cursed doll lv1 I think they could easlily clear these raids in t1-2. They take long because people die to most mundane attacks in the game. People with grudge 1 die to basic attack patterns and there are people who for some reason have their build full on expertise and do no damage. If people used some proper stats, had a “decent” engraving that actually helps you more than it hurts you those raids would not take 15 minutes. If somebody countered a boss once for some free dps windows insted of laying on the floor they would be faster too. And no, they do not have difficult mechanics and hp isnt that big. If you fail to dodge you lose hp and you have to waste pots(one of peoples complaints for some reason, dodge.) If you get hit you can get CC-ed. Big loss of damage. I you get hit you can die- biiiiig loss of damage. And the biggest loss of damage in public matchmaking is the fact that nobody uses feathers to respawn and they rather waste 2 minutes of your life to get to the boss. Boss doesnt need a nerf. People need a proper in-game guide and learn how to do the fight.

Unless your party was full of 1325 to 1340 premade alts or mains with great comp that are fully decked out, no 3 to 5 min is just not possible. I run multiple narcs per day on 4 t3 alts and often accompanied by overgrared often 1400+ guildies if they are free and it still takes over 3 minutes. So if you are seriously trying to say that running a pug of 1302 to 1340 takes 3 to 5 min, you can clearly see why it raises a pretty loud bs alarm.