Tier 1 and 2 Guardians needs a general nerf

Cleary you didnt even read the last patch that NERFED the T1,2 guardians…imagine asking for a nerf right after they nerfed them

Actually, you are wrong. Venting a frustration on something isn’t fun is feedback, and important too.

Just because you disagree with it, doesn’t make you right. You have your opinion, I have my own.

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I didn’t make the rules.

But you broke the rules

Live hack. Join a guild. Fina a guy who has alts aswell. Boost your all together.

Would be ideal. Sure.

People are suggesting party finder and guilds. Isn’t it odd that there are suggestions to circumvent matchmaking…? I think that’s the reason for my post in the first place.

I’d like to point that out.

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I’m leveling an alt (980) and doing strong ones isnt working for me, bc most other players are also alt with T1 accs and no engravings (I’m not that far from that tbh)

My advise is that is better do the weaker tier fast than waste time for few more stones.

Dont buff them lol, they’re daily raids they should be easy.

Id be down to buff them if they double reward and only require one clear.
For a handful of leapstones they’re bearly worth a clear as it is, especially in T3 so much other things you can do with your time to earn mats, its almost not worth it as it is lol.


Agreed. I would like a one daily instead of two.

Let’s be clear here, I’m not talking about Tier 3 content though. Just Tier 1 and maybe Tier 2. (for nerfs)

The amount of health on these bosses is too high. With a group of 4 alts at minimum ilvl, it takes us at least 15 mins to kill the 3rd and 4th bosses of the tier.

That is ridiculously long for characters with level 3 engravings (I have mayhem 3 on my alts) and over 315 skill points and a very very good grasp of the fight. Without using flares and pheremone bombs, this gets even longer.

Compare that to our t3 runs where we take < 5 mins on most runs, going as low as 3 mins at min ilvl.

Honestly if we didn’t have to run these 14 times a week (e.g. they were 3-4 times a week) it wouldn’t be as much of a problem. Right now, they’re a huge time sink and I end up skipping them because it’s just unfun having to spend that much time on something that barely gives any rewards.



Yes! Thank you. That is definitely another way to look at it with good examples.

I generally start to get annoyed when my time is just completely wasted.

urnil is the easiest boss in the game lol, rudric is harder… if you think every tier 1 guardian should be similiar to urnil you’re trippin. i’d fall asleep

Is this for real? You asking for another nerf on t1 and t2 guardians? What’s wrong with everyone? Even my mother wich is 59 years old beats all t1 and t2 bosses solo… what the hell is going on in this world.

the difficulty increase from urnil to lumerus to icy legoros is surprising but it’s just about learning mechanics

You’re missing the point. It’s not the difficulty, it’s the amount of time it requires to clear them. They genuinely have so much hp that at min ilvl, it takes way too long for something that is done twice a day.

This is just straight up disrespecting the player’s time honestly. Other games like ffxiv does this extremely well and it falls short in t1 and t2, while in t3 it’s fine.


Literally READ the post before replying.

I mentioned the two bosses I’m currently having issues with. And I stated that Ur’nil is fine.

No, it’s not for real because like most weird people, you don’t read the post, you just hit reply and smash your face across the keyboard.

Instead of going full keyboard warrior, next time read before replying.

I did…im saying urnil isnt fine because it’s too easy…the only issue with guardians are the bs aoe’s effects being inaccurate

Git Gud

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I want to know why people defend nerfs or potential nerfs of old content.
Like, why does it matter to you that old content is nerfed?

As what piggle is saying above, the time to kill per character is way too long.
The math is 2x per alt at 5-15min each.
If you wipe and fail to complete, restart losing 5-15minutes.

as EASY as Ur’nil? maybe not. But time to kill should be a lot less.

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Yeah, that’s another way of doing it. But that is, like other suggestions, a bandaid, not a solution.

I appreciate the actual feedback vs other people just spamming and/or not being helpful.