Tier 1 and 2 Guardians needs a general nerf

Just no.

If they want to make T1 and T2 guardians easier, they could just add a NPC that gives you for free any potion, battle item you want… and those items only works below T3, so players could just test every consumable and learn mechanics.

There’s an Island with quests that gives you tips for each guardian boss, and the rewards are also the recommended consumables you should take for the fight. They could make those quests a requisite to queue for guardian raids, and improve them to be more newbie-friendly.

But nerfs are not the solution here.

I agree, T1/T2 Guardians are not endgame content. They’re dailies, they’re not supposed to be challenging, However there is no use arguing with a bunch of elitist Tier 2 Andies that have no knowledge on what the director wants, no knowledge of how it feels having to grind Tytalos 10 times a week without a guild, no knowledge on what actual endgame content looks like, and no knowledge how a properly designed guardian with player feedback looks like (tier 3 guardians).

KR’s Chaos Dungeons got nerfed last week, CHAOS DUNGEONS let that sink in. Really shows the director’s vision for the game. Ever wondered why Tier 3 Guardians are so easy even though they are 2 TIERS ABOVE TIER 1.

Use your brain.


They are raids, They are supposed to be challanging and prepare you for later content. If you fail in t1 you will fail in other tiers as well.

I’m in T3 I have no problems :slight_smile: 1363 cleared Igrexion Sub 5 mins and Armored Nacrasena Sub 3 Mins.

How can you have issues in t1-t2 content than?

Cause t3 guardians are easy like I said.

So if T3 is easier whats the point of having T1/T2 harder?

Extra Info :slightly_smiling_face: KR Players start at T3

T3 guardians are easier (Except for Velganos)


Extra info: they start with mokoko buff that makes you take less damage. Why is it necessary? Because people didnt go through t1 and t2 content to learn the mechanics and now they need to do that in t3.

Then whats the problem? when they start doing legion raids (the content that actually matters) the mokoko buff is already gone. And giving them a mokoko buff ON T3, makes the game Baby Mode which just proves my point.

They are playing T3 Guardians (super duper easy) AND WITH A MOKOKO BUFF.

How does it prove your point? We don’t get mokoko buff in t3 in eu/na. If they make t1 and t2 easier how will you learn to do the t3 without mokoko buff?

I dont think you get it. You think T3 is harder than T1/T2? You really think that?

Guess you’re not T3 yet.

Okay let me explain my point for the 74th time. In t1 and t2 you learn mechanics(dodging, dps at the right moment, counter, boss mechanics, battle items). Guardians in t3 do a lot of damage so if you don’t learn those things in t1-2 you get deleted. That is why there is a mokoko buff in KR. If you make these guardians easy(they already are) in t1-2 people will learn even less and they will have hard time in t3. Not because mechanics in t3 are difficult but because if you can’t dodge you die. People are asking for nerfs because they wipe, the wipe becuase they die and they die because they can not dodge the attacks/mechanics.
Guardians in t3 are fast because you already know the patterns from t1-2, you know your build and you get a bunch of extra damage through skill points and tripods. That is why they are faster to complete.

Yeah and I’m playing in T3 with the guardians you’re talking about and I HAVE NOT WIPED ONCE.


They’re so easy SUPER EASY, that when you fight the first one and it dies in 4 mins you’re like

Haeh? what happened? I got carried? (No you did not, its just that easy)

If you still think T3 Guardians are harder theres no point of me talking to you cause you’re clearly not T3.

You need to work on your comprehension skills a little bit more. I explained it in simple people language.
You already went through t1 and t2. You know a little bit more than an average mokoko stuck in t1 and or t2. Those are the people that still need to learn the fights and if you nerf the content they wont ever learn. I know you can finish every raid, you gigachad. But I don’t want nerfs because people wont increase their skills and will fail later in the game as well.

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Listen. I’m glad you decided to hop on the forums, but you’re in the wrong section.

This is the bad take I love to see, and it happens to come out of people’s mouths that have no idea what they are talking about. Why do people equate seeing “nerf” to “omg let’s just GIVE YOU EVERYTHING LOLOLOL”. for the 5^55 time. I didn’t say nerf to oblivion, but if you know how to read, you’d already comprehend the topic. Thanks for playing.

A nerf is a solution. Or a new player buff, which could be considered a nerf, but either way, it needs to be done. You are wrong.

Sorry, but you have absolutely no idea of what you’re talking about, you are not an AGS or SG employee, or have any authority in Lost Ark, so what you think needs or not to be done is just a suggestion at best.

Your suggestions may open the eyes of CMs to research the data and see if your point makes sense or help their team to figure out the root of the problem and how to improve, but the same voice you have to say that T1 and T2 encounters needs nerfs, I have to say that they need to fix how the game teaches you how to deal with those features, and that the values are fine.

Please, don’t make me laugh so hard assuming that they NEED to do some change into the game because you want it.

Completely agree with you op. Having a daily activity be this much of a chore gets old real quick. Especially when your alts start to pile up.

All the other dailies are so fun or painless that make the double 15 - 18 minute (or failed lol) guardian leave a really bad taste.

They should’ve just nerfed ther hp instead of mechanics.

Yesterday I did 2 igrerxion (T3) in 12 minutes total, log on my gunslinger t2 alt and failed a 20 minute legoros with him having 24% left lol.

It’s just not worth the time, leave rested xp to pile up and do one every other day.

NGL the T1 and T2 guardians are painfully easy, usually 2-3 min runs for me and my guildies, I understand this post is specifically about matchmaking but there is a very easy solution to this -

Don’t bother running the Guardian Raid and instead just dispatch a special mission from your stronghold.

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