Tier 1 and 2 Guardians needs a general nerf

Was doing 5 minute runs with a 1302-1340 party

There seems to be this great fear of watching a 2-3 minute video to get an idea of what mechanics the boss has for some reason.

I get the desire to do it blind, but ever since Tytalos and the possibility Guardians can have wipe mechanics, I’ve taken the time to watch the short videos

2-3 minute video versus wasting countless consumables and even wiping, I know what I’d prefer.

There are certain tier one and two guardians that i made sure to avoid as much as possible such as Vertus and Flame Fox Yoho for example which should be deleted as content and never brought back.

Tier Three guardians are not even that hard.

If people had an engraving that is more useful than grudge lv1 and cursed doll lv1 I think they could easlily clear these raids in t1-2. They take long because people die to most mundane attacks in the game. People with grudge 1 die to basic attack patterns and there are people who for some reason have their build full on expertise and do no damage. If people used some proper stats, had a “decent” engraving that actually helps you more than it hurts you those raids would not take 15 minutes. If somebody countered a boss once for some free dps windows insted of laying on the floor they would be faster too. And no, they do not have difficult mechanics and hp isnt that big. If you fail to dodge you lose hp and you have to waste pots(one of peoples complaints for some reason, dodge.) If you get hit you can get CC-ed. Big loss of damage. I you get hit you can die- biiiiig loss of damage. And the biggest loss of damage in public matchmaking is the fact that nobody uses feathers to respawn and they rather waste 2 minutes of your life to get to the boss. Boss doesnt need a nerf. People need a proper in-game guide and learn how to do the fight.

Unless your party was full of 1325 to 1340 premade alts or mains with great comp that are fully decked out, no 3 to 5 min is just not possible. I run multiple narcs per day on 4 t3 alts and often accompanied by overgrared often 1400+ guildies if they are free and it still takes over 3 minutes. So if you are seriously trying to say that running a pug of 1302 to 1340 takes 3 to 5 min, you can clearly see why it raises a pretty loud bs alarm.

I don’t get the complaints about them. I have 3x alts(T1 and T2) and have yet to fail a single guardian. Most die easily within 5-7 minutes, and pretty much everyday I matchmake. (some days I solo to make it faster). I find the guardians fun and do not understand why so many have trouble with them. I enjoy the guardian raids and usually do them at ilvl since they aren’t very hard.

The only ones I would not recommend matchmaking for are the last guardians in each tier, as they tend to be an extra step more difficult than the previous ones. I usually only do those once solo once I get to them, or else get a T3 friend to one time clear them. Exception is alberhastic who is a joke.

still you want them more easy like a mobile game ?

I mean matchmaking is your first problem. Just make your own party finder and set the title as “know mechanics/quick runs” or something like that. You can even raise the ilvl requirement to apply if you think you need to. 99% of the time it’ll be smooth sailing, the content is not really difficult, they’ve already nerfed them once.

Still everyone can title the party “know mechanics”.

Funniest people to me are those who set minimum ilvl requirement to exactly their level, then you check their engravings and they got lvl1 grudge or some shit.

The best time I had in this game were abyss raids when everyone was a first timer. We figured it out and it felt satisfying to complete it. It’s once per week, so it’s not getting anywhere.

I tend to avoid elitists who think they’re amazing because they know a few simple mechs.

Also, it’s really easy for me because I’m a paladin, I can only imagine how bad it is for DPS classes if they have no friends.

Destruction grenades on tail for extended stagger round, full burst during staggers, counter attacks landed, Ultimates used.

It’s very possible, lot of people are just super lazy and go for unga bunga. See first T3 Abyssal and nobody packing Darkness Grenades.

Yeah anyone can title their party finder that way which is why I said: “make your own”. You can view someone’s gear and engravings to make an educated guess as to whether or not they know the mechanics. the 1% of that 99% I mentioned is if you get a whale that has no idea what’s happening.

Even if they join you under the pretense of knowing mechanics and they clearly don’t then just kick them and start over with someone else. Nerfing the guardians for a second time isn’t necessary nor would it fix the problem; it’s the players, not the guardian raids.


t1/t2 guards takes 10-15 min to beat and u are 2 or 3 hit from the guard. on t3 it takes 4-6 min and is EZ u can tank more hits and its overall more “fun” :slight_smile:

maybe they should change all t3 guardians to achates mechanic and rage mode with every second AOE attacks around him :slight_smile:

they should nerf there HP -25% or more. if this guard dont take so long its “easier” the most pain is hitting this guy 14 minutes long and wipe and this boss have 20-30% hp left, i only think…wtf… ^^

I’m not gonna lie, I always have used matchmaker and played with randoms. And almost every single guardian raid was done in MAX 7 minutes. I’m not saying every, but i’d say at least 70%, I’m at 1372 ilvl right now so I’ve beaten every guardian.

I think you got very unlucky with randoms, or I got very lucky

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I can’t comment yet on EU and NA. But with my experience in KR I can say as DPS class it’s pretty okay. Ofcourse Supp will always get accepted first, but there are so manny lobbies that it doesn’t take long to find one. As long as you make sure you profile doesn’t look like trash it’s allright.

I hope the same happens here :3

Yeah :slight_smile: Idgaf about T1/T2 Guardian difficulty

Legion Raids are all I care about

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Oh I can recall quite a few nightmare runs where people did not want to use pots, battle items, do stagger/destro mechanics, so on and so forth which is why I just run it with people I know or just solo.

1372 does not unlock all GR though. Real challenge is Velganos and he is quite a fun challenge.

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Just a band-aid, but I do guardians only if I have 2 or more rest bonuses. Saves a lot of time. And I only do easy guardians on my 3 alts. I’m not even doing annoying ones for the first clear chest. I don’t wanna waste my precious HP pots on 17 minute wipe runs lol



Don’t do matchmaking, indeed you’re loosing your time.

Go create a party and name it ~ Alt Run or need a carry )) many of us do daily carries for alt, im actually grateful that we have a supporting community in that aspect.

So yea there’s always someone to carry you, I don’t see where is your issue… unless you keep smashing that cursed matchmaking button in hope of change

There must be a rule somewhere about making useless comments too :thinking: