Tier 1 PVP. now what?

so i made it to tier 1 or rank 1 or whatever its called. i no longer recieve any rank ups or rewards for pvp. now what next for a pvp oriented player


You wait until the ranked season starts, your Tier 1 ranking isn’t your rank it’s your experience grade.

The more you play the higher your Tier will be whether you win or lose, all it means is how much you’ve played. Your experience grade goes up or down once a week after weekly reset, you must play and reach a certain amount of points to go up.

As of right now the PvP stat page isn’t here, once ranked season is here it’ll probably be there and you can check your stats and progress.


You need to stop being “pvp oriented player” in this game. It’s just going to be disappointing in a long run


Tier 1 is simply a experience based requirement to start ranked PvP. It’s literally completing the tutorial. There’s more experience ranks and an actual ELO system.


You can still be pvp oriented and enjoy all the content lol that’s how I play now. Pvp is my primary focus, but till then I’m going to enjoy the other content since I probably won’t as much once the season starts


Sure, but if you want purely focus on the PvP the game just isn’t worth it. They just don’t have the required systems to make the PvP in this game competitive and interesting. Sure, if you enjoy the PvE stuff also, this game might be perfect for you.

Nothing wrong with this, it’s MMORPG after all :slight_smile:

? The game has a massive pvp following in Korea and russia


Yeah I just couldn’t see how to access it. Realize now it’s because season has not started

Best answer, thank you

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Lol. The ranked season hasnt started.
There are weekly resets that gathers all your ppints to go past tier 1 . Pvp is great in this game and everyone can play the way they like too.

The pvp stat page isnt there either to look at progress. In russia, pvp rewards and pvp tab didnt come until ranked season started.


PvE focused players are always down talking pvp in every mmo, saying “its not worth it” Lol, just ignore


Well, my bias lies heavily on full loot PvP and Competitive PvP, and this game don’t offer either one of those. Clearly your interests are somewhere else, I understand that it feels good to stomp boomers in a less competitive setting. That’s why we play MMORPGs, after all. It’s not fun to go into competitive games and get rolled by the little kids. Gets depressing really quick, so this is just an easier way to make yourself feel good.

I thought the Arena looked really cool, and it has potential. But seems like devs are following what Arenanet did with Guild wars 2. PvE content just is the one that’s making all the money and is way more popular, so they just push the PvP on the side.

Everyone is allowed to enjoy the game the way they want to.

Obviously, It’s different point of views here. You don’t mind stomping noobs and cannibalizing the PvP off from this game. Whereas, I’m really here to talk about some kind of solutions that would make the PvP competitive and give it some form of longevity here in the West.

Nothing I said invalidates your enjoyment of the game. But you will see what happens when the ranked season starts, I’m getting the biggest


This post was about OP wanting to know about PvP ranks and pvp in general. Which your answer was “just stop being a pvp oriented player”… Thats not helping anything in the long run by telling someone to be PvE oriented.

And ive seen what happens when the ranked season started. I was there in RU, and ill be here now to see it again. Pvp is a fun part of them, and everyone is allowed to enjoy the way they want. And I dont know what youre going on about “stomping boomers”, there are elos and mmr to differentiate skill levels even in normal games. You invalidated any idea after your first answer was " Stop pvping or youll be dissapointed in the long run". What kept me logging in RU everyday was PvP after I had max gear and did all the raids twice and got bored to death. Everyone has their own playstyle…


The literal selling point of this game for some people is the fact the pvp is so dynamic and sweaty that it’s not for casuals. You won’t see a ton of casual pvpers in a few months. It won’t be “shitting on boomers” if you can climb to plat/diamond or play premade 3s at high elo. The MMR system in solo queue can pair gold with diamond players, there is no set meta comp for solos for that reason, and there is massive game knowledge curves that dont exist in PvE. You just don’t understand a pvp focus because you’re probably garbage and are already getting shit on in preseason by veteran players. Get over it. Everyone who wants to pvp needs a while to learn the classes and mechanics, that’s why ranked isn’t even out yet


It’s not that the game doesn’t have depth to its PvP. You’re just discussing a topic of which you are uninformed on. Which makes me wonder why you’re even discussing it.

There is both ranked and unranked PvP in this game. All stats are equalized and everyone is on the same playing field when it comes to what they have, it’s a matter of skill that determines how good they are.

Literally the most competitive form of PvP in an MMO.


And how exactly is this a good thing? Does that actually sound like good matchmaking to you? It definitely explains why the PvP community in this game is peanuts compared to the PvE community. But I guess that just makes the PvP centric people more special, and people like to be special :slight_smile:

And you know what happens when veteran players shit on people? They stop playing PvP. I guess you have no interest if the PvP is alive or not, as long as you and your elite friends get to play with each others. Elitism in this community is so fascinating. I hope you and your buddies have fun chasing the “casuals” out of the PvP, so they never learn!

The way you answer is a dead give away you dont PvP at all in this game. And makes me wonder why youre even on the arena tab of the forums… Lol

And the PvP community isnt peanuts compared to PvE lmfao, just give it a break man, we can tell you dont like PvP and are probably getting beat very hard since you implied that in literally every response you gave.


“Chase the casuals out”… There is literally MMR even in normal games… Theres a even playing field. You have zero understsnding of what youre talking about.

If you got shit on, and stopped trying, thats on you.

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