Tier 2+ Casual & competitive community for ELZOWIN, North america

Server: Elzowin
North america

Have about 20+ friends who all play lost ark,
6 of us are 1000+
We’ve been guiding & helping each other learn. A lot of my friends are getting better mechanically but my back feels like its getting blown out at times. Because some of the guys cant get the mechs down. Which is ok, our goal is to help everyone learn and be able to raid in preparation for the incoming patch!

6 of us are aiming to make a community so we can have a full 8 man roster for raids. A lot of our friends dont want to progress or simply cant find luck with honing and matchmaking usually throws us to the slaughter :sob:

We’re pretty good mechanically, definitely not perfect but much more above average & still learning as we go!

(No idea what we are gonna call ourselves but just know we’re coming. Suggestion are welcome)

We’re dumb friendly and always roasting each other on discord!
So if you arent tier 2 and want to catch up, someone is always glad to help :slight_smile:

Add me on discord and i’ll invite you to the disc. We want as many people possible to 1300. A goal we are creeping up on. Elzowin doesnt have a competitive or a casual community. Tryna bring everyone together while hopefully attracting more players to our server down the line.

Discord@ jay#1349

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