Tier 2 Expectations?

So, on my new Arcanist, I’m very close to Tier 2 thanks to my saved materials. Now, I’m curious, what should I aim for in Tier 2? Do I need to worry about accessories and stones? Engravings? (I already have a general idea which engravings I want)


T2 as in 600 to 1100 ilvl dont worry about anything, just replace your accessories with the right stats when they drop imo. The pheons aren’t worth it in that range and you will need to replace it all in T3 anyways.

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Give it some amount of thought, but not as much as T3.

If you can farm a bunch of ability stones, maybe buy a couple cheapos from the market with two good engravings equip them if you can. Synergize with the learned engravings you have, and always keep an eye out for gear drops of higher quality.

But don’t sweat it too much. Could be simpler to buy T2 mats and push through to T3 even, since there’s no way to fail hones up to 15 now.

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The only thing you need to worry about in T2 is the queue time, unless you make a lobby asking people to help you. Just had a 5 minutes q for the tree and it made me feel like touching some grass for the first time in 3 years

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I have geared 2 alts from T1 to t3 last week. About buying accessories it is not necessary

First of all Try to do tower, weekly abyss dungeons to craft gear and be able to push tower to latest lvls.
Guardian /destruction crystals are very cheap (1g x 10), so id buy them from market.
For guardián raids I waited for a carry in party finder and ppl helped me with 1st clear (Try to clear all guardians for 1st clear box). If u still have mats available from event dont forger to get them. U should be able to finish T2 pretty fast with these.

Imo at this point nothing, just try your best to get the best stats/some engravings and speed through to T3 before you worry about stuff.