Tier 2 future changes/adjustment

Anyone whos played on KR, when should we expect the gold cost to be removed from T2, and when should we expect 100% honing across the board. When should we expect material costs to be drastically reduced. Pretty sure right now I need over 30k shards, thousands of Crystals and well over a hundred leapstones just for 14-15.

Is there a certain patch cycle KR had in the past that adjusts these things to be idk less drawn out.

T2 just seems to overstay its welcome a lot.

Whenever t3 has more content than just argos and valtan

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while your here, question about maps.

If i join someones group for secret map, do I need to have the same map as them in order to do the secret dungeon.

Or does my map not get used and then I can share mine and we can do a bunch

you need to have the same type of map. for example a t2 map with a t2 map.