Tier 2 Stone disappeared after faceit


So i was faceting a legendary stone tier 2 , and i got a really good stone for me, and after i was done faceting for some reason the stone was completely gone from my inventory? Is that normal? This never have happened to me before.

Its completely gone, and i didn’t destroy it or dismantled it, because as soon as i clicked OK and closed the window i opened my inventory and there was nothing. Check everywhere, my storage, my roster storage, changed to off main and to my main again and nothing. What is this? Is this a normal bug that occurred to people or?

I am pissed that i was really lucky on this stone and i never had this luck before, specially on a stone that i need.

Is there any way i can get my stone back? Maybe contacting support here?

You can facet stones that are in your storage and pet inventory. It’s probably in one of those.

Like i said bro, i checked everywhere, its not in there at all :sob:

You didn’t mention your pet inventory, which is why I added that.

i mean yeah, my bad but yeah i checked everywhere, didn’t think i would need to specify everything sorry.

Did you click that ok in the image? For some “crafted” items, they would stay on the crafter window until you claim them. You can go back to them and they still have them. It’s the same as when you dismantle items but don’t claim them.

yeah dude i did that, it allowed me to faceit other stones which means i had already clicked OK before. I really don’t understand what caused this, i couldn’t have dismantled it because i didn’t open the window and i never used auto dismantler. I couldn’t have destroyed it either because as soon as i clicked OK i opened my inventory to check it and thats when i noticed it wasn’t there.