Tier 3 1325+ Help/Tips

So I did a little calculator thing to see what it would cost me to start honing my T3 gear, currently im just sitting at 1325 and have been avoiding it.

Seems the main thing that will prevent me from progressing is gold and the fusion material. maybe silver too. Has there been any increase in T3 honing or material acquisition since I left say back in March, or is this current acquisition and honing costs etc generally what current tier content and progression is like. In my area There actually isnt anyone doing any guardians I need atm.

Also the fusion material, is there any way to get this stuff without blue crystal or stronghold materials.

Gold, where do people accumulate like 50k+ gold, Id like to try and get started on this, on avg how much gold can someone get in a week of non sweaty hardcore grinding without using auction house and pheons. Trying to stay F2P and the amalgamation of systems are incredibly daunting and overwhelming. Seems like so much to keep track of just to move forward at a reasonable pace.

Basically looking for some basic T3 tips and help aside from usual daily progression stuff like unas raids dungeons etc. If someone could help thatd be great thx. Just looking at every system out of context and with minimal knowledge I feel like the game would have been good for me during covid when I was laid off for 8 months, but with my current situation it feels like a more reasonable expectation from the game is just slowly moving forward doing non current content and remaining in a limbo between endgame and early current tier throughout all content and patch/tier cycles.

That can be fine, but im used to kind of jumping into a patch cycle, joining a guild, running dungeons and raids for maybe a month and then start long term progression on the current end game content or raid, say mythic or savage. it feels like lost ark doesnt have that same kind of schedule, maybe thats due to my ignorance on the systems and how fast I could actually reach that point. Idk any help is appreciated. sorry for the book, I do report writing at work and it seeps into this lol.

You can buy the fusion materials for gold in the AH/Market( doesnt need pheons). There is a honing buff for alts if your main gets to 1385 and researches it in the stronghold, but that is all for now.

Gold comes from Abyss Dungeons/Raids/selling unbound mats (destruction/guardian crystals and leapstones).

Also do your chaos gate every day its up. Do the map with 3 other people, sell the mats from the map dungeon. A T3 blue map gets you ~300-400g a day.

Be aware of what a good accessory drop or ability stone is and sell them. Could be anywhere from 20-1000g if it is legendary.



for 1325 specifically you have to just do your weekly oreha for gold. farm alberhastic instead of nacrasena as this gives 250ish gold in leapstones per day instead of 120 gold in leapstones. unfortunately at 1325 you are very far behind the curve but the super express mission gives you another 1000 gold for completing the level 4 missions. once you have a full set of level 4 or level 5 gems you can start selling your gems since you don’t really need anything higher until clown.

at 1340 you get another dungeon which gives even more gold than aira.

it only costs a few thousand gold to reach 1340, and then you’re unfortunately stuck in the deadzone. the weekly trial guardians may help offset that a bit but until you start farming 6 greaters per day from yoho which are currently selling for 92-93 gold, it’s really hard to generate gold.

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I make about 20 - 25k a week with my main at 1415 one alt at 1370 ad two more alts at 1340

About increase in the T3 honing, you can only increase with the stronghold research, but this only work with the alts, your next one is when you reach 1385 and you will get better hone chances to your alts until 1370, and that is it, the next one after that would be the 1460 that make easier to your alts to reach 1415 but it isn’t in the game yet and it seems it won’t come this month.
I know that in KR they increased the early T3 hone chances for everyone even if it is you first characters, but that won’t come for a long time.

About your progress and gold, if you have patience i recommend you going in the f2p bound leapstones path. In this path you only will mostly use bound leapstones to progress you character and sell the tradable ones for gold, but that may make you do contents you aren’t so interested like pvp. This way you will hone less, but it will give you more gold and more silver each day it pass.

Bound 1325 Leapstones source:

-2x Chaos dungeon daily
-3x Una’s task daily that gives leapstones.
-3x Una’s Task weekly that gives leapstones (2x boss rush and 1x pvp or the other way around)
-Guild Bloodstone Shop, focus on buying only Leapstones and Ticket chest.
-2x Boss rush with the Una’s task, if you get more than 2 tickes in the week save to next week.
-Abyss Dungeon*
-PvP Shop*
-Event Shop

I think those are the only content you can do at 1325 to get bound leapstones.
*About the abyss dungeon, i don’t know if is still worth to buy the bonus chest in the end, you need to buy atleast one time see if the amount of leapstone you get it’s worth the chest price by looking their price in the market.
*About PvP, to unlock at least one shop you need to do a lot of pvp for a time to reach Ultra 1, i think it’s around 20 levels that you need to go through, it’s quite quick, around 3 days, after that only doing your weekly Una’s task that is only 5 match per una it will give enough coin to buy the leapstones weekly.

Later you will get leapstones and gold from these ones:

-1370 Hard Abyss Dungeon
-1370, 1385 and 1400 Argos phase 1 to 3.
-1415 Valtan Legion Raid
-1430 Vykass Legion raid when it’s released this month.

Your gold source would be one Abyss dungeon until 1340 then it will be two, and selling the leapstones you get in the Guardian Raid and Trial Guardian Raid, the price of leapstone is quite low now i guess it’s between 20 to 25 gold each, not sure, but it may give enough for you to buy the items to make the fusion mats in the strongold and to pay for the hone cost, if you don’t want to level up all the trade skills or get the world tree leaves you can only use your energy to fish and spend less gold to make the fusion mats.
You can gain more gold with alts, it depend on how many you want to have to play with it.

About the 50k+ gold, for now it may be quite hard because you are using the “cheap” leapstones, when you reach 1370 and start to getting great honor leapstone it may be more easy to get 50k+ gold, the day i stopped playing i had 100k+ gold, but i wasted around 20k in stones, so i still should have around 80k only by doing selling great honor leapstones and doing abyss dungeon, argos and legion raid.

It will be a slower process because you will sell quite a lot of tradable leapstones, buy you will gain a great source of gold and it will give you time to get more silver and shard.

Thank you very much for this post, and for the others who commented as well. This is a great help and im sure ill return to this thread in the weeks to come.

For reference I boosted a Destro to Feiton and have a DeathB at 460. So Im thinking for me 2 alts is my max, i wouldnt want to add the extra work of a 3rd alt. Thanks again, really appreciate it.

I may not go full F2P, as I can justify spending maybe 30-60$ a month and almost treat this like several subscriptions I wouild get from say D+ netflix Hulu etc, except this is really my only monthly fee when it comes to entertainment.
If I do that I would prob grab the Aura and maybe weigh if maris shop would be worth. If I did have an influx of blue crystals what would you suggest they are best spent on?

Just leave now, seriously. you are about to crash into a wall.

honestly that may happen, i kind of enjoy the chaos dungeons for some mindless fun anyway. so even if i hit a wall and get blocked from the hardest content, which is usually the only reason i play mmos, im content with the mindless dopamine from chaos dungeons on a few characters

I don’t know what you should buy with Royal Crystal (Paid Currence), i’m a f2p player in MMORPG’s that avoid spending monthly money and when i spend i buy only cosmetics and not consumables things that can be a waste like mats.
I don’t even buy stuff on Mari’s Shop and use gold in legendary engravings and saved a lot for stronghold decorations and for Artist if she had come this year.

I would recommend you always buy Aura, it’s just too good, our version of the game have the option to buy for 420 Blue Crystal, i think it cost around 4000 gold currently, but likely it’s more cheaper with Royal Crystal, but you need to check on how many Blue Crystal you can buy with Royal Crystal and what is the Aura Price in Royal Crystal, and just calculate what is worth more for you.
I remember seeing a Pack of Blue Crystal of Royal Crystal, i don’t remember if it has some limit like only one time per account, 1 time per month or 1 time weekly, i don’t have the game to check it.

You would have to take a time and see what you want to buy it, if it’s has a option for Royal Crystal, Blue Crystal or Gold, how you can exchange one currency to another and see what you think it’s more worth it.
Edit: the only thing i don’t recommend it to buy card pack in Mari shop, it seems we have the worst version and price of them.

Our version of the game don’t have weekly and monthly mats packs for Royal Crystal, i don’t know if we will ever have it, so you only have the choice to buy it from Mari’s Shop or in the Market, depend if you have patience and which one is worth more, i think currently Mari’s Shop is worth more, you just need to check the currently gold price of 95 Blue Crystal, how many Blue Crystal the item you want cost and how many you get, and check what is their price in gold in the Market in the same quantity.
But all that may create a problem with selling all tradable honor leapstones to get more gold, you need to see if it’s worth sell for gold → buy blue crystal → buy mats in Mari Shop, or if you think it’s better to don’t sell them or part of them and get Gold with Royal Crystal instead.

So you need to see how much you are willing to buy monthly and what you are going to buy and do with the Royal Crystal, i don’t buy it so i’m not sure everything you can do, but you can do this:

-Royal Crystal → buy directly the item you want
-Royal Crystal → buy Blue Crystal pack → buy what you want
-Royal Crystal → Exchange them for gold *→ buy what you want
-Royal Crystal → buy tradable Skins → sell in the market for gold * → buy what you want

*Exchanging Royal Crystal for Gold transform them in Blue Crystal that we buy with gold.
*Selling skins in the market, you need to check Royal Crystal currently gold price in the exchanging, the Royal Crystal price for the skins and for how many gold they are being selled for at the market, new skins are likely give a lot of more gold selling then than exchanging Royal Crystal for gold.

There is many ways you can use them, you need to see what are your options, you may feel a burden in transforming Royal Crystal for Gold in one way or another, so you will need to spend monthly or will feel that you aren’t gaining enough monthly gold, if it will be worth to keep selling tradable honor leapstones instead of using them, etc.

In my case, if i continued playing and was capable of puting some money in the game monthly, i would:

1º Buy the skins i want and may even sell new skins when their gold price is high and buy them when it cheap to use in my character.

2º Buy other cosmetics i want, like pets, mounts, stronghold decorations.

3º: Check the price of the Aura for Royal Crystal and how many Blue Crystal i get on those pack (and if i can continue buying them), to see it would be more worth to buy directly with Royal Crysal or buy the pack and buy with Blue Crystal.

4º If i can continue to buy the Blue Crystal Pack and had some remaining i would buy the Weekly Rapport chest (600 Blue Crystal), that make increasing rapport way faster if you don’t have time to be looking every hour in the lostmerchants.com to see if appeared some legendary rapport.

5º May use the rest in some Solar mats in Mari’s Shop, not sure at all.

I really don’t like to buy consumables stuffs that can go quickly and don’t leave something permanent, so i would buy more permanent stuffs like skins or Aura that is temporary but it’s super good with the extra two bifrost, we have the option to get Aura with Blue Crystal so i would buy using my own gold that i made ingame, but i would have to check the 3º first to see if i would be ok using Royal Crystal instead.

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People make gold by selling materials they get from playing 6-18 characters. I sold a few stacks of red and blue stones and was up to 120k gold at one point.

honestly at the end of the day…

no amount of gold you can acquire in a legit fashion will matter… why you ask?

the bots and RMT’rs have ruined the economy and amazon is not doing enough to people who RMT, if anything at all.

In fact they are doing the opposite, taking gold accumulation from the players with out removing equal amounts of gold costs… making gold more valuable and RMting it more desirable…

Anyhoo I wish you the best, as of now your pretty much playing a self found game unless you want to over pay for almost anything in the auction house…