Tier 3 Alt Gear?

So, once I get my main to tier 3, I’m gonna push a few alts to around 1370 to funnel materials to my main. Do I need to build them like my main? Only asking because gold can be scarce. Like, do i need 3-4 fully upgraded engravings, good accessories, etc

You can get a cheap 3x3 setup by cutting a 6/6 ability stone and fitting two engravings into your gear slots. Then you should take the bus for your alts for a week or two and do oreha hardmodes until you get enough accessories with the correct stats. This will give you 3x3 so you should be accepted into Yoho and Oreha parties.

Gear them as much as you are able. This is pretty reliant on you having your epic books already and i’m not sure what the new player experience is like regarding those.

If you are pheon light just buy a grudge stone and roll a 6/x to get at least grudge 3 and class 3 from a argos bus and orehas. I wouldn’t stress too much about buying accessories on your 1370 alts till you have your main setup 4x3 and your gold income is comfortable. You ideally only want to have to buy a single set of accessories for your alt until you get to 1475 so I wouldn’t use pheons till you know you can buy a 4x3 setup. In an ideal world you only spend 200 pheons on accessories for the entire history of your alt. 75 for your 4x3 and 125 for your 5x3 at relic, but realistically you are gonna be 3x3 with maybe 2 purchases at legendary and you don’t make 4x3 till relic and spend another 125 to get 5x3 way in the future. Keep in mind 4x3 is ALOT cheaper to get at relic compared to legendary and you really don’t need 4x3 for 1370 content. But the pheon cost really starts to add up the more times you replace your jewelry.

I wouldn’t worry to much about getting anything sub 1370 tho. It’s hard to make any meaningful setup with epic accessories so same deal I would just run double class engraving on equip or 1 and grudge if you are running a class that only runs level 1 class engraving.

Basically this. Roll with the best that you have until 1370 and then do argos/HM abyssals to get some accessories that have decent stats on them.

I would definately not recommend spending a lot of pheons on alts because, even with bad luck, eventually you will get 3x3 for free on your alts from oreha and argos. That doesnt mean sandbag your yoho’s by throwing on some random crap. But with engraving books and some epic accessories with the right stats you’ll be fine

Whatever accessories you purchase will be very quickly replaced.

You can make 3x3 extremely easily with Oreha/Argos accessories and 6/6 stones. Which is good enough for the most part.

2x 3 is find for alts if you want to do chaos, guardians and bus Argos