Tier 3 at Launch Pro & Cons

Personally I don’t really like the fact that we will start from tier 3. But I don’t think that this will change no matter how much we agree or disagree about, because is left less that 2 weeks to the launch. So I decided to make this Pro & Cons list.
If you have any other pro or cons you wish to add leave them in the comments and I will do so.


  • You can experience the whole game from start to end exactly the same way you can do if you start in a RU/KR servers. So we don’t have to wait for the next tier releases.
  • The game is huge so there is a lot of stuff to do beside the end game. If you don’t have the tier 1 limitations you can leave all the side activities that give you tier 2 and tier 3 rewards despite they are accessible in tier 1. So they don’t need to hide part of the content from the players.


  • In tier 3 compared to tier 1 and 2 you can generate a lot of gold from the end game abyss dungeons. So hard core players will have a lot of gold compared to casual players. The gold is used to exchange items between players through auction house. Considering that hard core players will be able to generate way more, they will be able to manipulate the auction house and rise the prices for core items like engravings to such high prices that the casual players won’t be able to obtain them as easy as hard core players.
  • The fact that tier 3 reward with a lot of gold hard core players will want to bring all the alts to tier 3. But you still need tier 1 and tier 2 resource to do so. As a result for a long time you won’t see any tier 1 and tier 2 resources you can buy from other players in auction house because the Whales from tier 3 will buy them all for their alts.
  • You still need to do tier 1 content to obtain resources in order to upgrade your gear to tier 2 and 3. This means that you still need to do end game content from those tiers. Hard core players will be able to get to higher tier faster. This is a problem because this way casual players when they reach the end game they will have hard time to find teammates to do the end game because a lot of people will stop doing the tier 1 staff ASAP.
  • Team requirements will be too high for casual players. Once hard core players will be at tier 3 and they will farm tier 1 and 2 to get their alts up to tier 3 they will want to speedrun everything only to get those resources. This means that you can find a lot of people that has a massive difference in the gear making the end game content for other people easier and less challenging. If something is too easy is not fun anymore.

And guess what ? the casuals will be forced to use IRL money. Good strategy.