Tier 3 Cube Dispatch Not Showing All Levels

Why am I unable to dispatch the tier 3 cubes through platinum? I have run more than one ticket manually and gotten platinum each time. Is there a different way that the dispatch tiers get unlocked? What am I missing?

Things I’ve tried:

1,) Upgrading my dispatch station to the highest tier I currently can.
2.) Ran another ticket manually to see if it unlocked the previous tier.

I’m wondering if I need to run the lower tiers to unlock the higher tiers of dispatching which will unlock the higher tiers, but it would be nice if I can get confirmation of that before I do it because I can already do the silver level and I haven’t dispatched any ticket of this level before. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I think you need to run one first before it unlock in your stronghold, manually.

don’t know if this helps

pretty sure its based on item level, on my 1490 alts i can only run bronze and on my main 1507 i can run silver and bronze, so u prolly just need to hone up each character to unlock them, for now just run them manually

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Interesting. This is what I was just talking about with a guildie in voice chat. I’m 1500, so that seems to jive, and she has a 1490 that can only see bronze. Wonder if it is 10 points per tier.

yeah a friend with a 1520 character has gold unlocked, but not platinum, so platinum must be 1530 or 1540


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I’m sorry the levels are missing or not appearing; the information @halfmoonslash is based in your item level, however if you like just to make sure; we like to take a closer look into this issue with you, when you have a chance, please use the link here to speak with our Customer Service team:

Contact Us | Amazon Games

Also please make sure you send this link to the agent so we can help you to investigate this issue, also give them all the information needed. And please let me know how was it!

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