Tier 3 gear set box on Chaos Dungeon first clear?

This happened to 4 of my 5 characters. It’s honestly unnecessarily frustrating and, especially today on the last day of the week, very annoying, because I will lose out on a couple of weekly shop limits on this character, as well as Tier 3 Abyssal Dungeons.

Since there is already a system in the game that allows characters to earn first clear rewards, I find it very questionable not to reward a full gear set for the first clear of the first Chaos Dungeon of each Tier. In Tier 1 and 2 I would at least be able to finish my set using parts bought from the auction house, which is, for some reason, no longer an option in Tier 3.

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Had the same problem today. I I just hit my 4th t3 toon and my bard can’t get pants so I can’t do t3 raids or abbys dungeon. Same thing happened on my first character took 3 chaos dungeons to get the loot.

I get it for the first time kind of but for alts you should be able to buy t3 gear or have some for sure chance to get all your 1300 in 1 or 2runs

Happened to me about a month ago, i feel your pain. Definitely is a problem.

Happened to me today too , I got my 4th alt to tier3 and sadly I’m still missing 2 piece’s, I was hoping to do get some stuff before the reset happens :pensive: