Tier 3 materials drop rate are magnificently hard

Am at 1365 and i can barly find stones and shards to upgrade at least 1 time a day !! Its very very very hard it will take almost 3 months minimum to get to 1370 not to mention this include buying from mari secret shop daily it is absolutely awful experience the chances are very low to get the materials even if am going to waste real money or in game gold it cost more then 300k gold to get to ALMOST OR SO 1370 and the prices for the mats will go way too much high please do something about this people will start talking and many will quite for sure it is magnificently super hard to find materials

Game is made so if you push hard against the ceeling you are banging your head against that wall.
You can slowly improve toward ceeling without hurting your head.

You don’t have to be at maximum ilvl.
When new content comes the ceeling moves and you can push harder then without pain.

You might not like that. But it is central part of this game.
So might as well adjust to it or perhaps play something else until new content in Lost Ark.

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Good christ.

congratulation u archived stuff korea took 3 years for in 3 weeks… now what… of course it takes ages pas 1300. even 1330-1340 feels painfull.

I would chill Argos is dropping soon so things will change

Im at the same wall with 1405 ilvl. Just gotta be patient, we’re well above the curve. I just play some crusader kingdoms 3 after my 19mins of game time cause none of my level 51 alts interest me.

60% is pain? Wait till you smash through that 5% wall we have lol

It’s current content.

Current where? Cause whatbwe have is 2 years old.

You know exactly what I mean, and you still chose to miscomprehend it.
Your twisted interpretation won’t help you progress faster. But you do you.