Tier 3 = Refunded

Bought Elden Ring instead.

I will still play this game, but for free, and not as much.


Ngl we don’t care XD


The sweet tears of unfathomable sadness. Yummy. Yummy you guys.


So what’s your point? Your going to play the game but even if it’s fun and things are fine you are not going to play it as much? Because you think there could be a problem your willing to commit now and say “no no no I won’t play as much?” (Quote is a paraphrase for comedic value)

Also if someone wants to play this game a year from now should they commit to play it less just because more content is out? Maybe, you could wait and see how it is before saying the sky is falling.


reason: too much content?




more content = quit.


If you have a gripe to make about the game being fast-forwarded two expansions in, this is possibly the least constructive way to make your point.


:eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: oh sorry just looking for who asked and a single person that cares :joy:


And after 5 months, when you think T3 will be there, will you start? Where is the problem? If the game was re-released and there isn’t anywhere else, would you have faulted it too? You say T3 is early? What if a new player starts the game in 4 months? Shouldn’t he play anymore because there is too much content?


Did you want us to weep while you go? Serious question…


Ye people think that’s impossible to for new players to play the game.

While stoopz came to lost ark very late after launch.

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You can’t relate T1/T2 content as an expansion. They don’t even have raids lol

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I think its ridiculous that this is even a metric for being an expansion. This game has so much in it that defines this game yet one very small microscopic piece of it is the metric for the entirety of the game to you.

This game has developed over the period of years and has lots of different endgame content. This kind of tunnel vision is what invalidates so much of the game and creates the very problem I highlighted.

How is that microscopic? It is literally their most popular content.

It is one small part of the game. It is popular on a monetization scale as released during LoA winter event. It is a good part of the game, but it is PART of the game…its not what defines an expansion :man_facepalming:

Legions and legions of people have wanted this game for a long time…and this was before Legion Raids existed.

Most players haven’t even played the game and are mostly clueless. Later on they will realise how much of a non issue this really is. Players fully decked in T3 gear still run T1 and T2 content every single day. Everyone has their own pace and no one is forced to rush to max ilvl, how other players play won’t really affect how we play.


Yes. The entire idea of invalidating the majority of the first two tiers to start 2 expansions in, will not affect the mindset of those going in initially because they never played the first iterations of the game.

There’s a couple of things though; the first is that all that content is going mostly to waste…the second is that a lot of additional information is needed in one of the most information heavy games ever released. New players could very well get bodied by this.

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It won’t invalidate anything. T3 players run T1 and T2 every single day. The only problem with this is T1 players will most likely group with stronger players and will just get dungeon carried which can be annoying for people that would like to experience “challenge”.

Too much content, you need to go :slight_smile: