Tier 3 RNG from 1100 his Total Bull$#%7

Okay so all we can do his 2 chaos dungeon to get blue 1302 ?? And if you are missing pants or whatever then just wait 24 hours you dumb players…

This HIS NOT a cellphone game !!! And I repeat…You cannot call this RNG has it his GAME breaking !! You struggle using all your knowledge you have gained of the game to get up to Tier 3 only to be blocked TOTALLY with no options if Chaos decides you dont play TODAY !!!

This his NOT RNG, it’s total bullS#%7 has it prevents you from progressin further in the story or any other parts of the game and all you can do his wait 24 hours ??? And hope that tommorow you get that missing piece ??? THIS HIS RIDICULOUS !!! FIX IT instead of saying it’s RNG !!! CUZ THIS RNG has nothing to do with skilllz AT ALL !!! It’s only a 24 hours block from playing your game !!! Are you all stupid ?? In this 24 hours I might have spend in the shop or whatever to Hone my equipment so now you are all losing 1 full day of a customer by saying to him basically (Go to hell we dont care it’s RNG) … Imagine all the players that has been stucked by this crap and all the money you guys lost !!! Some players probably was so angry that they totally stopped playing the game and this game his beautiful it DESERVES to be played and respected…Dont do the same thing they did to Lineage II, listen to your players and community !!!

My first character got it’s set in it’s first chaos dungeon, my second character didn’t get it’s set it’s first day/2 chaos dungeons, my 3rd character into t3 got it’s set first day.

Yes you could get really unlucky, but the most likely outcome is that you’ll have it finished within 2 day, 1 extra day in the scheme of things is not that big of a deal.

got bad RNG first time take these do it 5 more times if u wasted it to get mats in T2 it is your fault for not thinking ahead


Tbh could of held 40 rest bonus for chaos dungeon before hitting t3 chaos to ensure you get that gear if you already have enough red and blue stones to get to 1100.

push the t2 piece higher?? i mean if your t3 what else are you using the t2 mats for. i know i have leftover as do most other people so surely you do.

You can try KR or RU server they have a good rate for T3 honing. It region lock but you can try 3 days free VPN here

You are so dumb…

It his still not a fix, I understand that some people will just say “well thats how it is” but it’s the same thing people sayz when it’s war somewhere and people die and the war his not at there door…wait until you try 5 days in a row.

(RNG Jesus walks by)

Looks like you’re having a time of your life ranting. Here, take this curse, you impatient wayward soul

Would be so EZ to make tier 3 buyable with Chaos Dungeon mats ??? Or even make it buyable in auction house at “1100” and not “1302” This his a total mistake by the developer.

Nothing to do with patience…RNG his supposed to fuck me when I am a skilled player trying to make a TIME ATTACK at a game and then SUDDENLY a monster appears where it mostly never does THAT HIS RNG !!! … making a game unplayable his not RNG !

“You just got unlucky”
“What is the problem? Missing out t3 for one day or two won’t set you back, the game is made to be played or years”
“out of every problem, you complain about this?”
“this is the type of person who asked for guardian nerfs”
“it didn’t happen to me but you are dumb for complaining, its no biggie.”
“just level one t2 piece to +20, done”

There, you don’t need to read any further replies for the remaining of this thread
(this same thread is posted every week, so its almost a script)


You had the best answer yet and actually useful, equipping the 1302 and level’ing a T2 piece to +20 … see that his what im talking about, REAL SOLUTIONS !

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Sure I am dumb that I manage to use items properly and I do not complain about game as RNG is part of MMO RPG games u have to be used to not get everything u want in first time u have to grind for it oh… I am so dumb just because I know how to play games :clown_face: :clown_face:

Dude dont bring me that bullshit I’m an Ex Lineage II player our EXP bars are totally with 4 zeros after the dot.

I had to kill 40 monsters just to make 00.0001% and if you died without a healer to REZ you you lost 4% exp and 4% exp was and entire day of playing non stop so dont try and tell me about these things…you who probably never even tried a real RPG like final fantasy or chrono trigger…this his not my first BBQ brotha !

Emphasis A Skilled Player

There’s no secret lottery that ask you content rushing Lost Ark to a point where you automatically enter a draw for the grand prize of have dinner with Jeff Bezos on his Super Yacht on April 1st

Play the game, if you didn’t get it, come back tomorrow. Do something else in game. Nothing interests you? Close the game and play something else. Plenty things to do and yet you choose to rant on forum that’s specifically stated ranting not ok in TOS and pinned post



Imagine you only had this day to play…someone who can only play in weekends ?? Now this his not my case but im just saying…that guy super happy to go and finish story…NOPE, locked out. Has to do useless quest cuz all important ones and islands already done ?? Then would you play or simply quit for the day ?? What im saying his mostly will quit for the day and comeback the day after…only because of this, making the game lose a player for a full day for no reasons, having more players playing his the goal…not less. It should be fixed with the chance to get it somewhere else, it’s not like we are not willing to work for it…

Like I dont care if you give me a 5 hour dungeon I will do it…but give me an option his all !

Looks like upgrading to +20 in that situation his only way, but now imagine this ---- what if you are missing 2 pieces ?? Sucks right ? I think it needs more options. Final.

Dude diddnt they just give us 5 aura of resonance potions?

How are people still crying about this?

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Yes that was 1 week ago for the 10 days login present, which at that time I was in T2 so of course I used it to make more chaos, and dont come telling me I shoulda planned in advanced, it’s not like we can predict the future has dumb human beings.