Tier 5 Galewild potential bug

Hello, I’ve looked through a ton of different posts and seen numerous troll comments of “I got mine in 10 kills.” So before you say this, I have 5 T3 characters I have every achievement for 50 kills on all bosses and over 150+kills of iron Nas after the 50 kill achieve and still have not received the T5 galewind. It is either bugged or the droprate is astronomically small and I have nonsensical bad luck. Is there anyone else having this same issue? I kill my 2 harvests per char every day as well as farm it 10-20+ times additionally per day after I’ve completed everything.

It took me like 4 weeks to get mine, and by the end I had 3 characters in T3. It’s there, just rare.

i killed him 27 times today

this is bugged this is not real, 50 more kills no galewind… hundreds on hundreds of kills

Patch happened and within my characters daily souls I got it… Gonna have to say connected