Tier points and XP, what is the difference?

Hello, I’m Supreme 4. I just started doing this weeks pvp today and My xp isn’t changing. I’m assuming that is because it calculates it all at the daily reset. Is that correct? My tier points are increasing each match but my xp is still at the minimum. 99.91-100.00% percentile for weekly xp.

Second question: What is the difference between tier points and xp?
can I calculate my expected xp based on my tier points?
Your tier is determined by xp, your percentile for the week is determined by your xp. The tier points don’t seem to serve any purpose at all.

Why not just show your weekly Experience earned where it says tier points? They’re confusing and they don’t seem to server a purpose from what I can tell. If you can calculate your experience based on the tier points number could someone please tell me how?

I currently have 1,420 Tier Points after 5-10 games. Not sure what that equivalates to in experience.

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bump. Would really appreciate an answer

Your xp is recalculated only on the weekly reset, once a week, each week.
If you’re supreme 4 now, you’ll be supreme 4 all the way up to thursdays reset time.

Your tier points determine how much xp you’ll get at the end of the current week ~
Under character > pvp info you find it shows you your current xp, tier points, explaining how they influence your xp gain as well as listing your expected final xp and pvp level at the end of the week.

If you click the + on the side of your weekly pvp xp estimate it will detail how tier points factor into your xp gain.

Yeah but your press ,alt+k you’re weekly xp (estimate) does change throughout the week. It changes at the daily reset. And the change I belive is based on your tier points. I’m just curious what the calculation from tier points to XP is. It seems like the tier points are completely pointless and it could just say xp their. I mean seriously what purpose does the tier points serve? It makes it purposely vague. xp increases every daily reset. your rank does not but you can see