TIL you can overfeed pets in stronghold

I’ve always been annoyed by the fact that the pets can only “work” for 8 hours and then have to be recharged.

Today I learned that you can feed unlimited Vitameow to extend work time.

If you didn’t know: you’re welcome. If you did feel free to laugh.

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Ya I found that out not to long ago. Since all my pets are at 100k exp and I have everyone finished with rapport. I just leave 3 in the shop and just keep pumping them with food. The new starter pack has the Floppy Frazio pet I just kept him in there till he reached 100k so I could make him legendary. But I don’t think its unlimited, I think you can only go to 144k.

Brooo I didn’t knew that ! I only have one legendary imma keep him running lol

Yeah same, I keep my legendaries juiced and rotate the rest when they are recharged.

The cookie shop makes more sense now with limited weekly stuff, I always wondered how someone comes even close to those numbers (card packs etc).

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Its not unlimited its 10x the max which is a shit ton but not unlimited