Till death do us part

I predict that Lost Ark will lose a lot of players accross the next 3 months. Some people are not happy with the state of the current game we have. Real gamers or Lost Ark enjoyers will stay and enjoy the game, seen as everyone enjoys different things in life.

Updates will be released…some will return and some will leave again, untill lets say April before Artist…and I am sure if returning people see a huge differencs players will stay longer…and if April is not that great, more people will leave. So I guess they have till April to fix a lot of things people are crying about.

I have no issues with the game…so minor problems, but nothing affecting my game that much. I can still play it every week and do all my raids. Some gatekeeping, but understand why.

Not sure why we cannot just catch up to Korea and compete with them. Not like they have more skills…experience yes, but rookies manage to do great things. Korea has a great version, more people are staying…but we are treated as nothing. So hopefully Directors and whoever else can see this. Just open up to the community and listen. A month without updates is fine if community is made happy.


I quit when i realized how bad the devs are over here in NA. I quit when i realized we wont have artist and aeromancer until akkan. They should have released all classes before brelshaza. But they’re actually dumb. They want us to hate them. Actions speak, words are meaningless. And their actions show they dont listen to their players. But we will pass your message on to the dev team to be ignored and never happen - lost ark forums


You quit…but still on forums, means you are taking a break. No one ever complained when they releaded new classes in other MMOs after content was already released…if they feel they will be ready by April, then they probably doing it for the best. If game was released to western players first…you wouldve not complained I reckon. Game is designed a certain way and we get a similar experience Koreans had tmwhen game was released to them.


I think many people are only waiting for throne and liberty or diablo4,… global release

And the Difference with lost ark is that when you exit the daily routine it may be harder for people to jump in that routine once again

*In my opinion


Nobody cares. Give me your stuff and goodbye.


Nobody cares, sounds like the game devs


I dont like Diablo and heard previous version was a fail…heard good things about Throne and liberty though, but that game as every other game will have issues to.

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They don’t read the forum because they don’t care about the players. We can see it with all the latest updates, full of bugs and really nothing interesting. Just the minimum to make us stay and stay again.

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Nobody cares

Throne and Liberty is published by Amazon too, so the game is already dead because everything Amazon touches, it destroys with money and contempt.

Nobody cares. Bye.

I think its still not confirmed that it will be AGS there are some rumours saying it will be Microsoft also , we will see i guess …!

Yeah it will have issues at launch i agree…
Till its not infested by bots,dc’s,crashes and the fact thats its gonna be a global release in an a full open world its still better for me i guess :rofl: i dont like the idea to be behind KR content forever tbh :confused:

real gamers are somewhere alse from 1-2 months after launch :wink:

thats true any mmo game will have issues with some parts of its community
although picking and sticking to game that is pretty high on list of worst montized, managed, developed and published games is intresting :wink:
(my personal top 3 although im not chasing badly monetised grinders usually, after aion, bdo and equall with DI)

btw throne of liberty look like material for amazing game but past record of its developer monetization shemes suggest to be super cautious about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, how long has WOW been out compared to other games? WOW still has bots. WOW is just more pushing for solo players then Lost Ark is.

Isnt WoW’s bot population somewhat controlled and stabilized like they get caught quick?

thats bold statments
im not sure about bots atm as i havent seen any so maybe they are doing something i just would not consider intresting :slight_smile:
i get from that you tried it quiet some time ago? or at all?
there was been couple signicant changes in SL s4 that changed that state and they are going with them to Dragon flight so as a fact its less solo play unfriendly atm than LA
its generally much more player friendly on any aspect beside amount of required grinding of someone want to really ride that ponny :slight_smile:

Nope…you just dont see so many because wow has so many different ways to generate whatever.

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HAHAHAHAH I am sorry but WHAT?
Diablo 4?
Throne and Liberty?

Not a single Lost Ark fan is waiting for either of those to release.
Lost Ark was specifically designed for millennial coomers to satisfy their every desire and dream
None of those games look anything like Lost Ark, in fact they look terrible in comparison to Lost Ark.


Yes…and wow is not F2P…and all the missed expansions…and solo players can get through Raids easier and carry alone last mechs…whereby you dont know people in wow you not getting in anywhere. I was gatekept super hard in wow…vut not the issue here. Not going to compare a game that has been out for 20 years compared to what 4