Time for action

I don’t know under which rock you guys live, but where i am from the one who caused the problem ist responsible for fixing it.

Here’s another server cluster is not a fix, it’s an easy way out for you guys.

Right now the game is unplayable. You are either stuck in login que for 5 hours after work or you are stuck in Dungeon/raid que for 5 hours.

There’s only 2 viable ways to fix your mess:

a) add capacity to your exixting servers or
b) reward people changing servers for the time and the money they invested. And by reward I mean REWARD, not those bs cosmetic and mini chest stuff

It’s time to take responisbility for your mistakes, especially after you learned nothing from the messed up New World start


I hope Smilegate can get out of the contract and publish the game by themselves. Then at least we wouldn’t have to worry about the total incompetence of AGS going forward.


Best thing we can do is quit playing, I uninstalled this crap last night and will not be coming back, hope more do so! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I’m definitely spending my monthly gaming budget on something else.