Time for Golden Frog visit

need my alts 5x3 with engraving legendary, so yes, bring back the frog

RIP yes, but no thank you.

For my part Leg Engravings are End Game and there is nothing higher then Leg books. So if u finish 1 u need. Its done for ever atm.

They should better focus on merges <.<

expected for hard brel

and ayyy lmao only 1 book?
thats rough

Lmao, this guy.

The game provides the inflation by handing us “salary” every week with the gold we get from una’s and legion raids. By telling people to make more characters, you are just increasing inflation.

:frog: :gift:


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So, pray tell, how does once acquire currency for trade without increasing market price?

Don’t make me laugh.


UP! Please add frog!

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Frog will change nothing. Prices will drop for 2 weeks and then rises up against. Solve the problem, add frog, have a stable economy. Thats the 3 Steps.

FROG is for brel hard


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Broh this game is not gonna die and you really should stop calling everything dead when other game way less active still live on for years

Players out here are looking at SHORT TERM. The engravings are capped to 20x at least the Legendary. Once players cap the engravings progression guess what happens? Grudge 4k gold… wow nice.

Once you are tapping for 1k gold +++ you will welcome any chance to get outside your normal 6x gold routine. The legendary engraving prices help players to try to get lucky. Sometimes I do Oreha with my 1500 alts because there is a chance I get legendary engraving. This method is healthy for the economy and gameplay.

Next time just try to get a lucky hold of those engravings and sell them at a later date. That is what players should do with these events.

bumping, gold frog is needed

Wow so your solution to inflation is to create more…genius why didn’t we all think of that?

Real inflation reason is “LEAPSTONES”. No leapstones no honning try. I m sure most players won’t want to buy them from AH.

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