Time for PTR? thanks

Exactly what the title says, test your stuff before you put it on the Public realms.

Don’t come with " we are still in Beta "

Can we at least agree that if you can’t fix Disconnection, you just give a day +25 Pheons.

yawn, waste of time. :clown_face:

They don’t have staff. Sorry but the players have to test the patch live and if something money related breaks they will bring the servers down for emergency maintenance, other stuff can wait weeks later.

Fyi, even if the game has less staff, Disconnect bug that is in a game that affect everyone is a huge issue.

Maybe it should be seen as emergency maintenance, no one can play the game optimal with the disconnects happening all around in raids, in game anywhere

That is correct if you are dealing with a decent studio, not with clueless people who rushed so fast to bring the servers down primetime to remove 10 pheons, only to give them back later.

They literally have one or two people on board, and they are off for the weekend.
Probably they’re cutting down costs by scaling down their servers and it’s causing this mess with the insane amount of bots that just logged in today. 60k → 207k.