Time Respect to play your game at fullest

I believe in this game you have to choose between PVe or PVp, because doing both is not effective…
why I say it is simple… people already have to spend a long time for the PVE stuff/dailies.
my suggestion could bring balance for players time, giving them time to play your game at its fullest every day and if they choose not doing is just because of their preference and not because of FOMO.
I quit lost ark 4 months ago because it was taking too much of my time… I still have some will to come back BUT I look back and turn me down.
Make Chaos/Guardian raids doable once… the player choose which class they want to complete it with.
in terms of rewards, people choose which champs that will be caounted for the rewards… just like we choose the 6 to do the gold runs.
then once completed… the player will receive the equivalent rewards for the six champs…
in regards iLVL it could play a big part at how much you will receive for each champ.
main 1550 gets 1000 equip stones, 20 great leapstones
alts at 1340 gets 300 equip stones , 14 great stones

so lets say you do the run with main your rewards would be 1000, 20 + (300,14 x5)

depending on your iLvL, you get more or less mats, and all six are packed in one reward. after you do your run, all the runs you do only reward enough for 1 champ so people wont exploit it for the shop…
in regards the rest time, can be just as usual, 50%.
doing this will give more time for players spend doing something else, spend more time on pvp other than just the 5 runs mission and other activities like ocean activities etc.
potentially increasing probability on spending some money, because they will enjoy their time on the game and support it.
anyway this is just my opinion that would bring me back.
I dont know but there might be other players willing to come back and are not because of the same reason I am not coming back even if I still wish.
please, raise this concern to SG, if possible.
anyway I wish lost ark all the possible success regardless…

please forgive any english errors, its not my primary language.


In terms of upgrade materials, I agree that it would be a life saver when all the materials gets automatically funneled, however, what about the extra drops that’s in chaos dungeons? A possible consideration if this gets implemented would be to decide on what to do with all the accessary drops.

If you have not properly setup the auto dismantling or if you have more than a few characters, I believe that the accessories would overflow in the inventory. This can lead to a loss of income for people that sell accessories. In addition, what if you get a superb accessory for one of the other characters? Do you still need pheons to transfer over the gear to the alt or would it just be free? (Since the drops are counted as doing the dungeon as that character)

Maybe this would work only for upgrade materials and the accessory drops would automatically gets distributed in other character’s inventory. Or maybe accessories would not even drop as kind of a negative trait from selecting this option of auto funneling all resource into one character.

I think it’s an idea to consider, but in regards to accessories, there are different ways one can go about it.

Thank you for this feedback @AkDot I will send this on to the team.

I agree with you, but they could be sent to some special storage or they could improve the dismantling system to implement more options…
for exemple not dismantle acc with spec and specific engravings.
like a way to have more filters applied before auto dismantling this could be put with another system to be used together or not, depending on players choice…
like they could create an special tab on the storage npc that will have all the accessories you dropped sent to him, and there you have a dismantling option with as many filters as possible to be sure you are only dismantling the ones you dont want.
the same goes for the faceting stones.
the exemple I gave is just something to be discussed, because my main issue with the game is the time sink doing very repetitive stuff just to be relevant for other group contents…

thank you for reply with a constructive criticism… together we can come to a better improvement of the game and something that will help the community.